Opinion: Best looking iPhone 5 skin yet (updated)

By: Unknown, October 3, 2012
Cases are all opinion based. It's obviously up to you to decide which one you like, nevertheless I'll constantly share cases I like on this blog. Today I want to share a case that grabbed my interest. One I added to the cart instantly. It's a red and black carbon fibre skin for iPhone 5. iCarbons also offers a variety of skins for a lot of consoles and mobiles for you to choose from. The one I'm sharing with you today looks and probably feels great, but as a skin there might be a downside.

You can choose if you want the skin for only the front/back/side of your iPhone 5. You can include all of them in the package, two of them or just one. Any combination is acceptable. I have always liked the way red and black colors contrast so this skin as I already said grabbed me on the spot. It looks beautiful.

The only possible problem though is if you want to apply a screen protector to your iPhone 5. After all you might have the best looking case ever for an affordable price but a cracked screen would do you no good. The iPhone 5 has proven itself to be strong in previous tests but it's always better to be safe. So can you add a screen protector to this skin? The answer is I don't know, but I have contacted the makers of the skin and I'll see what they respond. (Check out the update below)

The skin is available for a price range of $9.95 - $26.95 depending on what you include in your package. Have a look at it in the iCarbon's website here.

I want to check for your opinion. Do you like this skin?


I got the reply really quickly and I was told that you can apply the front of the skin to a screen protector. So you can apply it but there's a risk. If you fail you might need to remove your screen protector. And if your screen protector is messed up your skin is gone too.


  1. I have another acrylic case that has a built in face cover. I use it if I want to totally protect it – like at the beach or when it’s raining. But for day to day, the acrylic cover impedes my typing.

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