Send email from your spotlight using spotmail [Jailbreak required]

By: Unknown, October 22, 2012
Apple's spotlight search is one of the simplest mobile spotlights found in mobile phones. It lets you search for apps, contacts, movies, music, etc. Other mobile software such as Google's Android give you a few extra feature such as web search suggestions which makes the spotlight an internet search engine mini app too. Apple like their products to be simple, and spotlight is a fine example.

There is however a feature that Apple forgot to include in spotlight search. This is to let users compose emails simply by typing in the email address they would like to send an email to in the spotlight and hitting the search button. Immediately, the mail app will open with the address already input in the email.

This tweak could save you some time whenever you want to send an email. Just type in the address and hit the search button! Tell us what you think of this tweet. Will it actually save you time or do a couple of seconds not make much of a difference? Let us know by commenting!

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