Watch iPad Mini Live event

By: Unknown, October 23, 2012
Do you want to watch the iPad Mini (or at least that's what we believe will be the biggest announcement in the keynote) Live event? I'll give you a few of the best ways to watch it so you can enjoy the moment live:
  • Apple TV: If you open your Apple TV you will find a new icon for the event, watch it from there
  • Head over to from your Mac or iOS device and watch the event. The event will probably work on the Windows version of Safari too.
  • Youtube: Now that YouTube supports live streaming there are several live stream videos for the event. A whole list of them are available in here. IGNORE THE FIRST 3 RESULTS AS THEY ARE NOT LIVE EVENTS. The fifth result (Let's Talk iPad Mini) is probably a good one.

How are you planning to watch the event? It's only 1 hour away! Share your expectations too. I expect an iPad Mini, Mac Mini updated, iMac updated, iBooks 3.0, iTunes 11 and a 13' MacBook pro with retina. Also, Apple might announce that the factory unlocked iPhone 5 will become available on its online store.

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