Why buying an iPhone 4S now is a really bad idea

By: Unknown, October 16, 2012
You might think that there isn't much of a big upgrade from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5 and decide to buy the iPhone 4S because it's a good bit cheaper. However, what might be a change that you don't really care about could be the reason you will hate the iPhone 4S. It's got nothing to do with you enjoyig the feature, it's just you need to have it, and I'll be telling you why. The biggest notable upgrade in the iPhone 5 is the slightly larger screen. According to Apple and many reviews I read on the Internet, 'the device fits perfectly in the palm of tour hand'

But that's what they said last year, and the year before! So is the iPhone 4S a great phone? Of course it it. But the problem that you will soon be facing is app compatibility. Read on to find out how? It's a big drawback.

Many app developers, especially beginners will be targetting their apps at the iPhone 5. It takes them a lot of work to make the app and they aren't ready to do extra work to make the app compatible with two different sizes. You might think the developer could still choose the iPhone 4S screen size for his/her app. But of you were a developer who wants to make money, would you make your app compatible with a phone that people paid a lot for, or a phone that people paid a little for?

That's the problem you'll face, unless Apple put a rule that all apps must be compatible with both screen sizes. That's harsh for the developer bur better for the user. This is when Apple will need to choose between developer and user. I guess they'll go for developer in this case.

Do you think buying an iPhone 4S now is a good idea?


  1. Well I have heard people are having problem sin using the iPhone 5. It has glitches. The map app is not good. There is a rattling noise inside that is hideous.

    I planned to buy it but now I changed my mind.



    1. I guess people are being too picky. I still didn't get my iPhone 5 yet but my friend has it and he hasn't seen a problem. Things will hopefully get better though :)


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