Are iOS apps really sucking up your battery and memory when multitasked?

By: Unknown, November 25, 2012
What is actually happening to these apps?

The quick answer to this is no. Well not really. Lots of apps, especially games, run nothing in the background at all when being multitasked. The app is said to be in 'suspended' mode. Other apps may perform a few background processes such as fetching notifications or detecting your location almost all the time your iOS device is own. While other apps are granted up to roughly 10 minutes to run properly in the background such as to download podcasts for example, or to play audio. These apps can not run for too long in the battery.

If your iPhone realizes that the available memory is getting low on your iPhone it will automatically terminate apps to make more memory available. Genius!

The multitasking bar is more of a recent apps list than apps being backgrounded. So not all apps you see in the multitasking bar are backgrounded, in fact some of them might be as inactive as a new you downloaded and didn't even launch yet.

The reason Apple does all this is to help save battery life and reduce memory consumption on iOS devices. It is one of the satisfactions iOS users get that make their iPhone a smart phone. Most competing phone operating systems fully background apps rather than sorting them out in an intelligent way. This is usually seen as a feature and referred to as 'true multitasking' which is in a way good as apps are fully backgrounded and can perform many tasks, however the big problem to true multitasking is battery drainage and memory consumption.

This is just a brief summary of the whole story. A much longer and more detailed article can be accessed using the link below:

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