iPhone 5 shipping times dropping even further to one week

By: Unknown, November 26, 2012
When the iPhone 5 was first announced, users who didn't pre-order the iPhone in the first day or so during the pre-order time had to wait several weeks till they can buy an iPhone. The shipping dates gradually increased until it was 3-4 weeks with a bigger chance of it being 4 than 3.

This month however, Apple have started catching up with the demand on the iPhone and the shipping times dropped to 2 weeks very recently. Furthermore, Apple have now dropped the shipping time to 1 week in several online stores. The only one I've seen so far is the Australian store but it surely isn't the only one.

Where I live, the iPhone 5 has only been available in a few stores that are ripping-off the price of the iPhone 5 raising its price to well above $1000 American for a 16GB version. A carrier will however be introducing it towards the end of December for roughly $800-$900 which is a more reasonable deal. So if you still need to wait 2 weeks to get an iPhone 5 then be thankful for it!

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