Steve Wozniak speakes at TedXBrussels

By: Unknown, November 14, 2012
Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak, the man behind Apple's technology had spoken at Ted X Brussels today. Steve Wozniak used to be to shy to raise his hand in his club where they used to share computer ideas; and now he is speaking in front a lot of people.

Steve Wozniak was the first to start Apple, alongside Steve Jobs. They were friends for quite a long time before Jobs even went to university. Wozniak was the tech guy and Jobs was the finishing touches and marketing guy. Wozniak wanted to give away products for free and have an open shared world while Jobs wanted to make money out of the tech Wozniak makes. In the video below Wozniak talks about how people no longer own products but are only licensed to use them.

I'm reading the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isacson and it is great because I know a lot more of what he's talking about than I usually would. Bear in mind that I'm 15 so the starting of Apple and personal computers is pretty much history to me so don't blame me for not knowing what the Apple 2 was!

Steve Wozniak is a lot wiser than I thought, or maybe I still didn't get to the part where he is wise in the biography...

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