'Tri-Tone'! What are push messages?

By: Unknown, November 19, 2012
Image source: Apple Insider
This is a guest post by James. Thanks to him for sharing this article. If you would like to write us a guest post please click here. James talks about what push messages are and how they can help a business.

Push messages have become a convenient and easy way for users of iPhones and iPod Touch to receive information on almost anything. Push messages are a tool that allows users of iPhone apps to be notified about news and information. Typically, push messages are sent by companies that use this powerful medium for advertising their products and services and they do not need the permission of the user to push such messages. Push messages are generated by the server and do not need the impetus or query for the service from the user. As far as iPhone push messages are concerned, these can be accessed through the use of apps and a web connection.

You will also need to have an iPhone operating system 3.0 or higher. Enabling the push messages and push notifications takes less than a minute and it all starts with installing or downloading an application that “lends itself to such notifications. Push messaging can encompass different types of messages including text messages of short message service, emails, audio messages, images and so on. The purpose of such push messages is to alert the user or inform the user about content such as news, surveys, products, new launches and any other content that helps a company market itself.

There is something known as WAP Push messages. To send these kinds of messages, one needs to use PAP or Push Access Protocol or PPG Interface which is Push Proxy Gateway interface. Such push messages are also specially formatted so they alert the user via a message. On receiving and reading such a message, a user can connect to the specific WAP browser that the phone uses and connect to a specific URL. It is a slightly complex format and sometimes, operators are chary of giving access to their own PPG to outside parties.

There are quite a few apps that use push notifications to deliver content to iPhones. These apps encompass aspects like instant messaging, chatting, diary or to-do lists, reminders for personal and professional tasks, global and local news, real estate, and many others. In fact, business can use push messages to great advantage but should do so carefully indeed. For instance, a small aspect like the delivery of a message at the wrong time can irritate the end point or target reader rather than get him interested in what the company has to say.

It is also important for a business owner to build content that is interesting and relevant and if he can combine his push messages with a knowledge of demographics then he can ensure that he deliver tailor made content to his target audience. Push messages can go a long way in getting a business owner in building his target audience. For instance, sports is one area where people would be really interested in knowing the score of the football (or any other!) game thatis being played and if there are push messages being delivered on this subject then it would be a welcome message indeed.

Editor’s note: Push messages are sometimes ued by developers to remind the user to come back to using the app. Too many push messages though can frustrate the reader into deleting the app, or Apple into rejecting the app.

If you would like to include push notifications in your Android app you may want to check out the link included by James.

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