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By: Unknown, November 21, 2012
After Apple silently removed the YouTube app from iOS 6 during its beta phases, many customers were beginning to wonder if the relationship between both competitors will negatively affect the customers poorly. Google released an iPhone app really quickly but an iPad app has not been seen on the App Store yet. This leaves us with trying out various alternatives to the YouTube app or simply sticking to Safari. I have been using a free app since I got my iPad and I really like it and would like to share it with you.

Video Tube is a powerful free YouTube player for the iPad. The app lets you complete basic tasks required by a YouTube app such as:

  • Watching video in Full screen
  • Viewing comments and related videos
  • Ability to see top videos and most popular ones

The app makes it easy for the user to complete any of the basic tasks listed above. Furthermore, it also lets you download videos and see the history of videos you have watched. Downloading videos is one of the greatest unique features in this app.

However after using the app for a while some poor features began showing up. Firstly the app is poorly designed in terms of comments, so it's really hard to read comments on a video which can be annoying. Secondly, you can't sign in with your YouTube account; so no commenting, rating or uploading videos. Thirdly, the app is ad-supported and the ads cannot be removed with an in app purchase.

I do however still like this app and it is the best I've found yet. I give it a 4 star rating because I'm a YouTube watcher and not an uploaded or commenter. If you are then you might want to find another app (and share it with us!), if not then download the app using the link below.

Download Video Tube for iPad

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