5 dangers on YouTube that you should ensure your children avoid

By: Unknown, December 17, 2012
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There are plenty of good reasons why a parent should make use of an android monitoring app and the most important one is to make sure your children are not involves in anything that can bring them, or others around them, harm.

Teenagers are drawn into doing things just to be “one of the gang”. While it is nice for your children to have friends, peer pressure can be a dangerous thing. Children don’t like to be cast out of the group and will sometimes do stupid things to prove themselves.

Having an android monitoring app means that you can access calls and text messages on your teenager’s phone and you can get a head start on finding out exactly what they are doing when they are out. There are several new, potentially harmful crazes doing the rounds. Here are the most 5 ridiculous dangers that your children could be part of:

A) The Cinnamon Challenge

While this may sound harmless, it isn’t. YouTube contains many examples of this craze where teenagers are dared to take a spoonful of cinnamon and hold it in their mouths without spitting or swallowing. Cinnamon cannot only burn but also the craze can lead to choking.

B) Pantsing

This is another craze that can be found on YouTube; it is where the pants of an unsuspecting person are pulled down in public, without consent. It is not only distressing for the victim but if your teenager is the one who carries out the prank, they are liable to be sued.

C) The Atheist Challenge

This one will upset any god-fearing person as it consists of teenagers being recorded whilst they swear that they do not have any belief in God.

D) Twilight-Style Baiting

Some teenagers have taken the “Twilight” series too seriously and indulge in the craze of being bitten on the neck until they bleed, believing it to be the height of romance.

E) Vodka Eyeballing

This is a highly dangerous craze that involves imbibing vodka by pouring it into the eyes. Not only is it dangerous, there is no logic to it either.

Some of us will deny that our children would be stupid enough take part in these kinds of stunts. Unfortunately, we can’t keep an eye on them all the time and we don’t know what they are doing when they are out with their friends. Make use of an android monitoring app now to save heartache in the future. The Android monitoring app will help you make sure that your children are not part of these dangers that could grow even more serious if you don't help prevent it.

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