Check out your 20 biggest moments of 2012

By: Unknown, December 12, 2012
Earlier today I shared a video made by Google that summarizes the year 2012. Are you not in it? Well I am! Just kidding. But don't worry, Facebook let you see your 20 biggest moments of 2012.

The instructions are very easy. Just head over to Facebook and go to your profile page. It must be yours, you can't see other people's biggest moments unless they share it the same way they share a status.

1. Load up your profile on a web browser for Facebook (No mobile yet)
2. At the right hand side you will see that the top post on your timeline is a 2012 banner.
3. Click on that and view your top 20 moments!

It's that simple. You will be prompted with a pop-up asking you to share your 20 moments with your friends.

Enjoy your memories!

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