Facebook might be buying Whatsapp

By: Unknown, December 3, 2012
According to TechCrunch Facebook might be buying Whatsapp. This is another big move that Facebook would like to make. The last biggest move they ever made was probably when they bought Istagram for $1 Billion. If Facebook do actually buy Whatsapp we might be seeing a number that is just as big, or perhaps a lot bigger.

Facebook have been trying a lot to make themselves more adapted to the mobile market, which is seen as the future of the technological communication. It is said that Facebook is as bad in mobile as Google are in going social (Google+). To bypass such remarks Mark Zuckerberg promised that an update to the iOS version of the app will be released every 4 weeks and an update to the Android app will be released every 2 weeks. Furthermore, Facebook now have a few apps in the App Store which are all supporting its move towards going mobile.

One of the issues that Facebook face is that they can not find suitable ways of earning revenue from mobile apps. This is almost certainly the reason why they announced 'promoted posts' which is a similar way to how Twitter make money.

This is where Whatsapp comes in. Whatsapp used to be responsible for the sending of 1 billion messages per day in October 2011. A year later, the numbers have certainly risen quite massively. Whatsapp is also a paid app that is completely ad-free. In fact, whatsapp are completely against ads they even published a blog post about it! A part of the blog post says' "Remember, when advertising is involved you the user are the product."

Whatsapp are also looking for ways to expand. We have seen the feature of profile pictures coming in and there will be more to come. Whatsapp's server is generally very stable. It does go down once or twice a year but for less than a day so it's not a big issue. However, if Facebook buy Whatsapp then we should be seeing a more stable server that sends messages quicker than usual.

Furthermore, Whatsapp can seriously improve by allowing users to have their number active on more than 1 device. I still see no reason why I can't use Whatsapp on my tablet and my phone. Perhaps if Facebook buy Whatsapp we will experience some good improvements.

This seems like a very reasonable move that will benefit Facebook, Whatsapp and the user(which is the important one 😜). Do you think such a move is possible and whether or not it will happen?

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