How to get notifications for every new tweet by a certain user

By: Unknown, December 26, 2012
There are these Twitter accounts that tweet really funny tweets and don't tweet so often so I don't get to see their tweets on my timeline so often. I sometimes wish I could be notified for every time they tweet so I can see their tweet. This is exactly what I'll be showing you in this tutorial.

What you need is a smartphone. You can't subscribe from your laptop so you have to do it from your phone.

All you need to do is to open the profile of the user you want to get notified about. You can use the search feature to get there. Make sure you're following the account. Tap the face icon that's horizontal to the follow button. A menu will come up.

Tap the turn on notifications button as shown below.

You will now be notified whenever that account tweets. You can subscribe to multiple accounts on Twitter.

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