Integrate Google Maps instead of Apple Maps with Siri

By: Unknown, December 17, 2012
Google have released Google Maps for iOS devices just a few days ago. To many, this was a big relief from the many problems and even limitations that Apple Maps had to offer. In the Middle East Apple Maps doesn't even give directions from one place to another. I've covered another mapping app, Nokia Here previously and it was a pretty good alternative. However it isn't as powerful as Google Maps in many ways.

When Apple removed Google Maps from iOS, many customers found it as a loss. However, patience is the key! When Google released the maps app for iOS it includes turn-by-turn navigation and is getting offline mode soon too. These are two big features that Google restricted Apple from offering.

Now that more and more people are using Siri, and more and more people are using Apple Maps; there is a handy little trick that lets you get directions in the Google Maps app using Siri. All you need to do is add the phrase "via transit" at the end of the speech.

"Show me directions to the nearest Apple Store."
Launches directions in Apple Maps.
Show me directions to the nearest Apple Store via transit"
Gives you an option of which app to choose.

The video below shows you the trick in action.

There is however one flaw with this method. It doesn't work in countries where Siri doesn't let you get directions for Apple Maps. So that's pretty much most of the Middle East.

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