Samsung Unveils 'Galaxy Muse Player'

By: Unknown, December 11, 2012
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The Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones has sold over a million units. Satisfied customers list various reasons why they love these gadgets. From the spacious AMOLED displays to the Android versatility, Galaxy has it all. What had been missing is the recently-released Muse Player.

In simple terms, the Galaxy Muse Player is an mp3-playing device. Dig deeper and you will find out that Samsung unveiled the Muse so that the Galaxy family could enjoy a better music session on the go.

Compatible Devices

The Muse Player is currently compatible with:

• Galaxy Note and Note II.
• Galaxy S II and S III.
• Galaxy S II Skyrocket.

Getting music onto the Muse

All you need is the short connector cable that comes with the mp3 gadget. Attach it with your phone and sync all your favorite tracks. This direct pairing means you don’t need a PC to transfer songs anymore. Once you’re done, clip the Muse Player onto your shirt and head out for just about anything - the perfect device to carry to the gym or anywhere else, where your smartphone would be too much of a hindrance.

Checking out the Muse Player

• At first glance, it looks like a polished pebble that you’d find on a beach. Measuring at 1.7x1.25x0.5 inches, this player is meant to be tucked away while allowing you to listen to your favorite tracks.
• Weighing just above 13g, the Muse allows you to store up to 4GB of music and will last for 6 hours on a full charge.
• The capacitive controls include the usual mp3 player options such as shuffle, pause/play, skip and go back.
• The strong metal clip at the back is meant to last in various conditions.
• At $49.99, the Galaxy Muse Player offers music portability that does not compromise on quality or style.
• It is available in Pebble Blue and Marble White to go with your respective Galaxy device.
Sound Quality

Technology enthusiasts and music lovers will be more interested in checking out whether the Muse is just a fancy accessory and nothing else. Samsung takes care of this by using the SoundAlive audio technology while designing the mp3 player.

This technology adjusts clarity and quality from song to song. This means that you get a rich bass together with a crisp tone while listening to your favorite artists. The Galaxy Muse Player is for the music enthusiast in you.

Starting off with the Galaxy Muse Player

Once you pick up this baby, you’ll need to download the free Music Sync app from Google Play or Samsung Apps. That’s all you need to pair the devices together. Using the connector cable, syncing music is a breeze. The app facilitates quick transfer of songs thus helping users save time while transferring music from their device.

Do you need the Galaxy Muse Player?

This is the question doing the rounds as Samsung unveiled its latest offering. The need for another gadget could be argued, but the Muse Player is certainly quite attractive. The fact that it is an exclusive mp3 player for Galaxy owners, gives it a unique personality. Pick this up if you love listening to music wherever you go. The stereo headset that comes with the Muse Player is the same one you get with the S II and S III.

The Galaxy Muse Player’s attractive pricing and design could be the main reason why it becomes a hit this holiday season. Galaxy phone owners will not think twice before spending on a device that looks great and is comfortable to use at the same time.

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