Speed up App Store in iOS 6 by following this simple method

By: Unknown, December 27, 2012
Some users have been reporting a really slow sluggish App Store since they upgraded to iOS 6. It's not only users with older iPhone that experience issues but also users with newer iPhones are experiencing a quite slow and laggy App Store. On my iPhone 5 the only issue I really have is with loading the purchased apps list in the "Updates" tab. After following this method it still seems to take forever for me, however it fixed the problem for most other users so perhaps I'm just unlucky.

To speed up the App Store you need to turn off Genius for apps. Genius is a feature that tracks your favourite apps and recommends apps that are similar to those you've downloaded. Furthermore, it also uses your location for more suitable ads. Genius has been reported as the problem and so in this tutorial I'll show you how to turn off Genius.

1. Load the App Store
2. Tap on the "Featured" tab
3. Scroll down till you find your Apple ID
4. Tap on the box with your Apple ID and balance

A poup similar to the one below will appear

5. Tap on "View Apple ID"
6. Sign into your Apple account by typing in your password

A screen similar to the one below will appear

7. Tap on "Turn Off Genius for Apps" and you will turn Genius off

This method should speed up your App Store. The problem with Genius is it uses your RAM and internet connection to make itself smarter as well as your location. By turning it off you're fixing the App Store issue. Please leave a comment below telling us whether or not the issue has been resolved.

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