Twitter and Instagram Engage In a Serious Duel

By: Unknown, December 14, 2012
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We love watching fights. It doesn't matter what sides are what, or if they are people or massive companies. We also love social media, and when they two things get combined, it's an unyielding narcotic that we can't get enough of. That's why everyone has been jumping at the conflict occurring between the social network Twitter, and the popular photo hosting site, Instagram.

If you're an avid user of either of these social networks, you may have noticed something strange going on that started last week. Normally, an Instagram photo could be uploaded to Twitter through its API with no problem. We could view photos without having to go through any other medium. That quickly changed when the photos started appearing off-center, then just to end up disappearing all together.

It was no malfunction. Instagram disabled the API integration with no expected announcement or anything of the sorts. People were up in arms having to click another link to view the photos. So why did this happen?

According to an article in the Chicago Tribute, its all about the motives of Instagram's future. The article mentions the attendance of Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instragram, at a French web conference called LeWeb. At the conference, Systrom said that the motive was to bring more people to the Instagram site instead of having Twitter act as a hub for their own activity.

From a competitive standpoint, it makes perfect sense. But more people are on Twitter than Instagram. Much like Google, you can't convince people to go in another direction. While Instagram has broken away, Twitter has nothing to worry about. In fact, Twitter just fired off their own photo filter program similar to Instagram for both Android and iOS.

While the adjustment might be slow, it's not very difficult to copy the abilities of Instragram. Twitter already allowed photos to get uploaded anyway, so adding filters is nothing.To the untrained eye, the filters between Twitter and Instagram are hard to differentiate from.

It's Really Just About Marketing

That's what it is all about at the end of the day. Users of all social networks may think that developers are working hard to bring them the latest in UI capabilities, but it's really just a matter of loyalty. There is really nothing revolutionary about Twitter having their own filtration for photos, nor is there anything significant about Instagram having a new-looking site.

The split has to do with who stays loyal to who. Instagram is extremely niche with what it does, yet it has established itself as the most widely-used photo sharing platform. Those who see a value in Instagram aren't going anywhere, and there are plenty behind this. We all know the power of the half million users of Twitter, and with a new photo function, they'll also stay right where they are.

No one is going to win nor lose, though that is how they might have seen it at first. If friends can't be friends, they might as well maximize what they are good at. No one is the victim nor the conquerer – this all just represents the next wave of flux in social media.

Author Bio – Ezra Melino is an internet marketer and content provider for Directv packages, and also runs his own tech blog called DX3. Get in touch with Ezra on Twitter @DX3tech, or leave your comments in the section below.

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