YouTube app for iOS updated to add support for iPhone 5 and iPad

By: Unknown, December 6, 2012
YouTube were considerably quick to release a YouTube app for iPhone shortly after Apple removed the built-in YouTube app in iOS 6. It certainly came really quick while Google Maps for iOS has not been announced yet, but there are reasons for this. However when the app was released it didn't support the 4 inch display on the iPhone 5 and for the iPad. This resulted in many users switching to the web version or simply looking for alternatives.

However, not too long after the native YouTube app now supports the iPhone 5 and the iPad displays. The app comes in and many people regard as a great replacement to the boring YouTube app on previous versions of iOS.

The new app offers some cool swiping gestures and a modern sidebar for easy navigation. The app in overall has a beautiful user interface and is really liked for that.

Nevertheless, the app is rated 3.5 stars for this version and 2.5 stars for previous versions. The increase in 1 star is obviously for the new screen size support, but why are the ratings still low?

The reason the ratings are still quite low for a highly anticipated app is simply because it doesn't deliver to the customers what they want. The main one people are complaining about is that they can't watch HD videos on the app while on cellular. People bought such beautiful displays for a reason.

It is very reasonable for YouTube to fix these issues and an update should be available not too long from now. Have you updated to the new YouTube app? What do you think about it?


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