Review- The New iPad

By: Marawan Alwaraki, March 31, 2012

This is a guest post kind-fully written by Ahmad Saadat . Credits go to him. If you would like to write us a guest post please click here.

The new iPad 3 which is anticipated by every tech lover around the world was announced on the 7th March 2012 and hit the market on 16th march 2012, but the question is ... is it worth it?

The new iPad looks quite thinner and sleeker than the iPad 2, it's size has been lowered 20% compared to the former iPad 2 which was a hit and a huge profitable product to Apple.
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Get notifications for app updates on iPhone

By: Marawan Alwaraki, March 30, 2012
   The App Store is now undoubtedly the most used downloading store on any smartphone. With 10 billion download a few weeks ago the App Store proved it was number one in the market. However, developers are always finding new features which the App Store lacks, one of these features is notifications for new apps.
   Luckily, developers are in the lead. AppUpdateNotifier is a Cydia tweak that enables notifications for new app updates. The app brings the following features:

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87% of iPhone 4S owners use Siri

By: Marawan Alwaraki, March 30, 2012
   Siri, one of the most outstanding features in the iPhone 4S is used by only 87% of its owners. Siri offers a great new feature in the iPhone, however it uses up a lot of iPhone's battery and was also responsible for cellular data loss by many users.

Below is a report from Wall Street Journal about the percentages of Siri usage:

Many other Siri services are getting little pickup, however. They include playing music and scheduling meetings. Thirty-two and 35% of 4S users, respectively, said they had never used Siri to perform those actions. Those categories also had some of the lowest percentage of users that did either daily or almost daily.Email usage is pretty split, with 30% saying they have never used Siri to send an email while 26% say they use it to send email daily or almost daily.Some 55% of 4S users said they were satisfied with Siri, 9% were unsatisfied, and the rest were somewhere in between.Only 37% of 4S owners said they definitely wanted voice-commands on their television set, while 20% said they did not want them there. Mr. Barrett said he attributes the “limited enthusiasm” for the feature on TVs to concerns it doesn’t work well in noisy areas. “When watching TV there is so much background noise,” he said.

Do you use Siri? Do you think it was worth buying the iPhone 4S for Siri? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Rockmelt browser review for Windows

By: Marawan Alwaraki, March 23, 2012
   Browsing the web is starting to improve. People stopped using the typical Internet Explorer and went onto more advanced browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera Mini. After that Internet Explorer started improving and so did most of the other browsers.
   Rockmelt is one of these browsers. Rockmelt is based on the same design as Google Chrome with the same features and same speed. Infact it is an improved version of Google Chrome. Based on the favourite browser of many internet surfers Rockmelt introduced great features which made it in my opinion number 1 amongst other browsers.

   Basically this is Google Chrome but with insane features. Give it a go! You can download the browser for your Windows PC by clicking here. What do you think of this browser.Share your thoughts as a comment below.
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iPray-never miss a prayer

By: Marawan Alwaraki, March 14, 2012
Before I start I would like to point out that throughout this post I will be mentioning prayers. By that I mean Muslim prayers and not prayers by any other religion.
As you know praying is a very important religious practice you need to perform very regularly. However you may forget to pray one of your prayers every now and then. And as I often hear "You forget to pray but you never forget your iPhone." With this app however, if you remember your iPhone you remember to pray.
iPray is an app that shows you the prayer times of the day you are in and several days after. It also sends you a local notification (iOS 4+) whenever it is time for the athan. Especially with iOS 5 coming in with the notification centre and apps like lockinfo [link to lockinfo post] you will see the notification on the go. This will allow you to keep good track of your prayers.

Time left for next prayer
Compass for Qibla
Islamic events
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