An unbiased guide of choosing a smartphone and contract

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 28, 2012
As I was checking some guides on ehow my attention was caught by a video guide about buying a smartphone on budget. I watched the video and found it really interesting as it's an unbiased guide about choosing your smartphone and contract even when on low budget. If you are thinking of getting a smartphone then this video is for you.

Buying a Smartphone on a Budget -- powered by ehow

I think this video provides you a great guide about what phone to choose and what contract to have. What do you think? Good video right?

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Twitter adds ticker just like Facebook

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 27, 2012
For some reason now, Twitter decided to add in an activity section, which is very similar to Facebook's ticker. I found that Facebook's ticker is a great feature as it offers real time updates of your friend's activity (more like a stalking feature :P ).

However, some people did not accept the Facebook ticker and I was surprised by the number of Google Chrome extensions that disable the ticker and the amount of people who were against this feature.

But it is here, the activity section (ticket) could be found in the discover tab on both your smartphone or PC. The update was released for iOS devices and Android devices, but not Blackberry.

[Image from Cnet]

One thing I don't like about the activity section and makes me prefer Facebook's ticker is the ease of access. To view Twitter activity you will first need to go to the discover tab and then click on more activity. On the other hand, the ticker on Facebook is displayed in to the right on the News Feed which means it is much easier to keep up with friend activity.
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HackStore - Cydia for Mac!

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 27, 2012
Cydia for iPhone has been obviously going really popular, and the purpose of Cydia is to allow owners of iOS devices download apps which have not been accepted by the App Store, mainly because they are tweaks. A few days ago, HackStore has been released. This is basically a Cydia version for Mac. It obviously doesn't have the tweaks you will find in Cydia, but it is a store to download apps that have not been accepted in the Mac App Store for any reason. >

 As you can see from the image above, the HackStore has no pirated apps, just to stay on the safe side. 

The developer of teh HackStore claims that:
"The biggest Mac Appstore problem is that they limit their users in everything, without giving an opportunity to expand these limits. This is not correct, because  ONLY users should decide which applications they should install and which one do not.
We think, HackStore, it is a break through the narrow confines of Mac Appstore. A lot of good applications should be created and promoted but if they will never come to AppStore they will be not popular at all, so we have created HackStore!
The motto of our application - «No piracy apps here, forever and ever», so the cracked and piracy apps I am the HackStore application developer. This program for me is the epitome of Cydia for iOS, but on a Mac OS. This means that in our app will be applications and tweaks for Mac OS, which is not in the Mac AppStore, or for any reason they have not posted there."

 Here are a couple of screenshots of the app:

I personally think that the Hack Store could grow really successful just like Cydia, but the problem is I did not see it spreading all over the internet, but is should be soon.
Anyway you can download the HackStore by clicking here. And you can view its official website here. As I said, the HackStore has not quickly spread through blogs on the internet, however it could succeed just like Cydia did. The question for you is, do you think it will?

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Google drive - Google's version of iCloud

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 24, 2012
With iCloud heavily entering the mobile industry, competitors such as Google wanted to keep up with the technology offered by iOS. To do this, Google today released Google Drive which is their version of iCloud for iOS. This is another move by Google to fight Apple back. The challenge is rising. Although this is a great step forward by Google, it may not be the safest due to copyright problems.

According to the official Google Blog, this is what Google Drive offers you:
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Get Android like brightness settings for iPhone - swipe status bar to change brightness

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 23, 2012
The competition is big! Android and Apple are always striving to make their OS better than the other's. But there are some features which iPhone users want that Apple did not introduce in iOS perhaps due to copyright issues. One of these features is the quick access to changing the brightness simply by swiping the status bar. Thankfully, as I always say, thanks to developers and thanks to Cydia.With a few simple downloads you can have a similar option to that found in Android.
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How Blind People Use The iPhone 4S - Accessibility, Twitter, You Tube, Siri

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 20, 2012
When Siri was first released it was greeted with many positive reviews, as we can see from the number of people who bought the iPhone 4S. Siri is the most outstanding feature in the iPhone 4S. But it wasn't the only. What I really like about Apple is that they don't brag all of their features, but instead leave it for us to find and surprise ourselves. Today I saw a YouTube video of how Tommy Edison uses an iPhone 4S. Tommy is blind but still enjoys using his iPhone 4S using the accessibility settings. I found this video really catchy and decided that I must share it with the readers.

Tommy Edison says that these accessibility settings are not used my most people and many of the iPhone 4S owners probably don't even know about this. I found this video very interesting and certainly these accessibility features offered by Apple are very great and easy to use. Check the video below of Tommy Edison as he uses his iPhone 4S to use YouTube, Twitter, etc. Totally worth watching.

   What do you think? Great right?
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How to Protect Your Kindle Fire From Everyday

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 20, 2012
This is a guest post kind-fully written by Jonathon Knepper (more info at the bottom of the post). Credits go to him. If you would like to write us a guest post please click here.

The Kindle Fire is hands down Amazons best entry into the tablet/ereader market. As we found in the Fire vs iPad 2 comparision, each one is great as long as it matches your tablet needs. Now if youre like me, your mobile devices take a beating. Thats why I wanted to put together a quick post which goes over a few Kindle Fire accessories which will protect your ereader from everyday use.
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WIll Apple release a mini iPad?

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 18, 2012
     A mini iPad may seem like a great idea to some but a bad option for others. In this post I would cover the pros and cons of the mini iPad and whether or not I believe Apple will make such a move. The Apple iPad is with no doubt the leading tablet. Will such a move benefit Apple and/or customers or will it be a bad move?
    Rumours about the mini iPad have been flying around since before the new iPad was released. So do most users want this or not? I personally believe this will not be a successful move because...
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Top 10 3G Touchscreen Phones

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 17, 2012
This is a guest post kind-fully written by Diana Maria (more info at the bottom of the post). Credits go to her. If you would like to write us a guest post please click here.

With time more mobiles are launched in the market with best features that a user can desire from a mobile. Here are some top 3G touch mobiles that have features which make them one of the best.
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DeviceSpeed- test the speed of your iDevice

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 14, 2012
Speed, speed, speed. It means a lot to smartphone owners. But testing for speed manually could lead to inaccurate and unreliable results. DeviceSpeed however is an app that tests speed automatically.
It checks various items an runs various tests and then displays the results in a good view.
The results are shown as traffic light signals. If your device functioned poorly a red circle is shown, if it functioned fairly well a yellow circle is shown, if it functioned very well a green circle is shown.
Here is a screenshot of the app. Notice that none of the circles are green because I run this test on an iPhone 3G :P .

This app is free to download from Cydia (so you will need a jailbroken device). If there are any questions you would like to ask or any comments you would like to share, please do so in the comments section below.
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100 Reasons to Jailbreak your iPhone [Video]

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 14, 2012
This is a video I found while browsing the internet for 100 reasons to jailbreak your iPhone. I found this very interesting and decided I must share it. Very good tweaks and modifications, some paid and some free. If you do not have a jailbroken iDevice I totally recommend that you jailbreak it. Anyway, I know that these words may not be very persuasive, but the video below does the job. It display some of the amazing apps and tweaks that are not available on the App Store, but are available on Cydia. Cydia is an app you automatically get when jailbreaking. It is like an App Store, except it provides tweaks and apps that Apple rejected from the App Store simply because App Store does not supports such tweaks. These tweaks offer a new way to use your iPhone. I will talk no more. Just watch the video below.

For a list of packages used click here.
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New iPhone being developed with same design and 1 GB RAM

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 14, 2012
We know a new iOS device coming probably by the end of this year, some features of the new iPhone are already leaked. I had previously written a post about what I am expecting in the new iPhone but these are features confirmed by 9to5mac.
The new iPhone is said to have 1 GB RAM. This would be an outstanding feature. However, Apple must ensure that they avoid heat loss and battery drainage when they do so. We have already seen such issues with newer devices such as the iPhone 4s and the new iPad, but Apple were quick to respond with software updates. Hopefully Apple will be able to manage these features without any issues.
The more surprising thing is the design of the iPhone. Apple are testing the new iPhone with the same design as the iPhone 4 and 4s. Nevertheless, according to 9to5mac, this is only to avoid leakage of the design of the design of the new iPhone. Furthermore, the website assures that the new iPhone will be getting a new design.
What do you think Apple are planning to do? Do you think the new iPhone will be successful? Leave us a comment below.
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Free apps kill your battery!

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 13, 2012
This is a guest post kind-fully written by Diana Maria (more info at the bottom of the post). Credits go to her. If you would like to write us a guest post please click here.

Free apps kill your battery
One of the most concerned issues about the smartphones is their battery efficiency. Smartphones are known to consume more battery as compared to the other phones. A computer scientist at Purdue University, Abhinav Pathak, claims that even running just one Android application at a time can consume up to 90% of the battery power. The reason of less battery backup time does not solely rely on processing and display of smartphones but the free application that a user runs consume more battery power giving lesser battery backup.
According to a survey conducted by Purdue University and Microsoft Research, the free apps turn on the phone hardware to serve up ads and store data even at a time when the application is not in use. This way the application uses more battery after its usage than the amount it would have consumed while running. The main culprits for less battery backup are those games and applications which depend upon the features of GPS and Proximity sensor or the Camera of the phone.

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Max Payne - coming to iOS and Android

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 7, 2012
   If you did not hear of it yet, Max Payne is an old classic game similar to The Warriors. The game is interactive and interesting and features a great story line. I would totally recommend you to buy it when it is available. It is said that the game will be available for iOS on 12th April and for Android on the 26th of April.

   The game will be compatible with iPhone 3GS and above for iOS devices. I really find this game interesting and would totally recommend you to download it when available. You can buy this game for PC here.
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Network test - iPad 1 vs iPad 2 vs the new iPad

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 6, 2012
   In my previous post, I posted a comparison made by iClarified comparing the boot up time of all the iPads and surprisingly the first iPad was the quickest and the new iPad was the slowest! I also mentioned that the reason for this is the features in the new iPad. In this post I will be showing you one of the features of the new iPad and compare it with previous iPads.

Apple released 4G LTE in the new iPad. This was indeed a great feature. The video below shows a comparison in network speeds.
Obviously the new iPad was the fastest in terms of network speed considering it runs 4G LTE. I think that this feature is great. You can read a review about the new iPad here.
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Boot time test - iPad 1 vs iPad 2 vs the new iPad

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 6, 2012
   Several weeks ago Apple released The New iPad. It consisted of new features such as HD retina graphics. Nevertheless, the more the features, the slower the speed. Even though Apple released a faster processor in The New iPad, the boot time of the new iPad was quite shocking in comparison to the previous iPads. Watch the video below and understand what I mean.

If you are not able to watch the video, the picture below shows you the times it took for each model of the iPad to boot:

Yes!! The new iPad had the longest boot time!! Reason being, the features in the new iPad. Are there any other reasons you think are causing this slower boot up time? Leave a comment and let us know.
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Stayopened- keep App Store opened after a download

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 6, 2012
   As I have already mentioned in a previous post, the App Store is now the most used mobile store. However, there are a few features which it lacks. One of them is notifications for app updates, and another one is the option to keep the App Store running after a download.
   Luckily, jailbreak devs are always doing a good job. A tweak called 'StayOpened' does the job. It allows you to keep the App Store running after starting a download. You know what I mean right? Whenever you download an app in the App Store, the store closes and you are sent back to the springboard. This indeed is very annoying and time consuming.
   Furthermore, this tweak also gives you a few other extra options. You are given the option to choose the text displayed when downloading a free app and the text displayed when buying a money app. The screenshot below shows the the options you can adjust in Setting --> StayOpened .

   This tweak is really useful, infact I would be glad if this is a feature Apple work on to introduce in the iOS 6. I do not really see the reason for the App Store to close after starting a download. Do you think Apple should introduce such a feature by default? Or would you prefer the App Store to close after every download? Leave a comment and let us know.
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How to change notes' font on iDevice without jailbreak

By: Marwan Elwaraki, April 2, 2012
The iPhone's notes app is very simple. You can not do much in the app. No aligning, no formats, no changing sizes, the app is really simple, nothing like a word processing software. However, other than just typing up a few notes with no other features, Apple introduced different font styles to the notes app in iOS 4.
Apple only introduced three new font styles into the notes app. The photos below show you the different font styles and what each of the fonts looks like.
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