Apple could release a new iPhone in the WWDC

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 31, 2012
Now that pictures of the new iPhone have supposedly been leaked, the possibilities of Apple releasing a new iPhone this summer are increasing. We have seen the same type of pictures before the release of the iPhone 4S, but they were all denied with the same design of the iPhone 4 being implemented. But what if the pictures are true, have a look below, what does that mean?
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WWDC app hints at a new theme in iOS 6!

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 29, 2012
Features of iOS are strongly anticipated by Apple fans. But as usual Apple are keeping the features hidden until officially announced. However, not all features are hidden, Apple likes to hint new features at its fans. For example before the iPhone 4S was released, the invitation sent out had one missed call and said Let's talk iPhone. The one missed call and no plural for iPhone both hinted that only one iPhone was about to get released instead of two.

Now with the release of the WWDC app, there's a hint that the theme will get a shade of silver than the previous colours. Have a look at the images below and tell us what you think:
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iOS 6 maps awaits a big change - possible screenshots and upgrades

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 29, 2012
If you are a big Apple fan you would have almost certainly been aware of the big changes that are expected in iOS' maps app. Apple are almost definitely letting go of Google's Maps not just because of the poor relationship between both companies, but perhaps because it lacks features which Apple are willing to introduce in iOS 6.

The maps app is expected to have revolutionary 3D buildings that will totally boost the maps experience. Below is a screenshot of what the iOS maps will possibly look like:
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Facebook will soon be launching a smartphone [unconfirmed]

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 28, 2012
This isn't just a random rumor flying past the internet, but this is a highly expected possibility. Facebook is expected to release a smartphone. This would be one huge step to reserve their spot as one of the top, if not the best, social networking business. You may like to read this post on how Facebook is getting back in the lead in iOS.

 But now it doesn't seem to be simply iOS, but the mobile industry as a whole. Nick Bilton reported on his blog that:
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Facebook getting back in the lead on iOS?

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 26, 2012
Facebook's experience on iPhone has seen a few important changes over the past week. They improved the Facebook app and the Facebook in Safari, as well as releasing a couple of new apps. I would like to talk to you about some of the changes that need to be mentioned. The two new apps are Pages and Facebook Camera. Another app by Facebook that has been lying around for several months is Facebook Messenger, but it's a huge step forward by Facebook.
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How to get BBM icon on your iPhone

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 26, 2012
Please note: this is not a way to get the BBM app, you are only getting the icon.

So here's a simple step by step guide on how to  get the BBM icon on your iPhone. There's no practical point of this other than to trick your friends, but once they open up the app it will launch the image of the icon in safari. But is still looks pretty cool on your homescreen!

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Phone buzzer - a must have modification for your iPhone's phone app!

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 24, 2012
Phone buzzer is simple one of these must have tweaks for your iPhone. It tweaks the phone app to provide it with a really simple but useful feature that I'm surprised Apple did not implement in iOS. All what Phone Buzzer does is that it vibrates your iPhone whenever it connects in a call. So when someone answers your call, declines, etc. the iPhone will just vibrate to alert you of that action.
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How to enjoy a jailbroken iDevice without disturbing your warranty

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 24, 2012
Jailbreaking your iDevice whether it's an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad surely opens up a lot of freedom to your device. Jailbreaking doesn't only allow you to unlock your iPhone so that it can be used with any carrier,  it provides a lot of great extra features such as themes, tweaks, and really cool modifications that will just thrill your experience. However, the main downside to jailbreaking is the loss of your warranty. When you lose your warranty, you are no longer provided support from Apple stores. But since jailbreaking means a lot to many people, there is a simple workaround to 'unjailbreak' your iOS device and a few things you have to bypass to stick to the safe side.
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Zerg Rush - a game in Google's search engine

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 20, 2012
By now you have probably realised that Google search isn't just a search engine. It offers some cool features on events and birthdays, you might remember a few weeks back when Google let you slide a zipper down to reveal information on Whitcomb L. Judson who invented the zipper! And not too long ago you were able to type let it snow during Christmas and it will snow on your screen, but this features has been disabled. Another feature that is still enabled that I would like to talk to you about is Zerg Rush.
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Enable Siri location searches in countries outside the US!

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 20, 2012
When Apple first released Siri, you were only able to search for locations in the US. We understand that it's still in beta, but why don't they allow us to use Siri for locations in Google Maps. Nevertheless, a tweak is now available on the Cydia store that allows you to extend Siri's knowledge into countries outside the US. Note that this is also in beta and will not function as good as Siri locations in the US. This tweak could also be useful for US citizens in case you ever travel outside the US and would like to know where the nearest ATM or petrol station is. I would assume that it uses Google Maps to provide you with the reply.
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Post your tweets to Facebook automatically (official method)

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 14, 2012
So if you are a user of multiple social network sharing apps or you are starting to use Twitter, you will probably find this method helpful. Please note that this method only requires the Twitter website and Facebook and does not use any other apps and is therefore the 'official method'. I hope you will find this step by step guide useful. If you still need help please post the problem in the comments and I will be happy to help.

Let's get started. As long as you have an account in Twitter and Facebook then you are ready.
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TwitPic for iPhone has been launched .. a bit too late

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 8, 2012
TwitPic, which was the fist photo sharing app for Twitter has finally released an iOS app. TwitPic used to be the most used photo sharing app for Twitter until more competitors came in with photo sharing apps for PC and mobile which could be considered to have taken out TwitPic. Furthermore, Twitter's built in photo sharing service played an even bigger role in this process.

The app is a good option if you are a TwitPic user. It is available for free in the App Store so you may as well give this app a try. Click here to view in iTunes.

If you have tried this app, please share your opinion about it in the comments section.
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Celebrating our 100th post - a big thank you

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 7, 2012
This is the 100th post on this blog! First of all a big thank you to our readers for helping us get here. I remember the day I created the blog, that day I had many things I wanted to share and review so I made the blog. And now thanks to you guys I am enjoying blogging more and more as time passes.

I want to take this opportunity to ask you a couple of questions. Are there any improvements you would like to see in this blog? Is there anything we're missing out on? It would be great to hear your opinions and suggestions to Alwarakiblog.

And one more thing, if you would like to stay tuned please feel free to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Again a very big thank you to all of you!
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Hands on: Samsung Galaxy S3 video review

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 6, 2012
A few days ago I published a post about the Samsung Galaxy S3. Today I saw a video of it being used and I was amazed by this device. It has a natural display and UI that make me want to buy the phone now. But being the patient person I am, I decided (like most others) to wait for the release of the new iPhone and see what features it will have. Here is a post covering up what is expected to be released in the new iPhone. Here is the video I was talking about:
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Highlighting the main changes from Windows XP till Windows 8! What became better and what is now worse?

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 5, 2012
As technology advances and new concepts and ideas are becoming reality every day, big businesses like Microsoft have the trouble of having to keep up with the fast development of technology without disappointing its users. Microsoft manages some significant improvements since Windows XP until Windows 8, however among this new features lie a few drawbacks to the OS. My laptop runs Windows 8 consumer preview and previously ran Windows 7. I recently got my hands on a Windows XP laptop and then started realising the main improvements that have been introduced since Windows Vista onward.

The main noticeable improvements in the Windows OS are the accessibility features. Compared to Windows XP, Windows 7+8 have really good accessibility. By this I don't mean accessibility settings for the disabled, however I mean accessing files and applications. So what were the significant 'accessibility' improvements?

Firstly the quick search. The quick search feature was introduced in Windows Vista, developed further in Windows 7 and then IMO became worse in Windows 8.

Windows XP search was completely horrible. It would take you minutes before your results showed up. Look at the image below and remember Windows XP if you don't use it anymore:

Windows XP Search

We then went on into receiving a very similar search UI in Windows Vista and Windows 7. It wasn't just the looks of the new search that made users love it, but also the fact that the results came within a few seconds (1-2 seconds). The image below is what the search looks like in Windows Vista and Windows 7:

Windows Vista Search
Windows 7 Search

Later on, Windows 8 consumer preview was released. This version of Windows I personally hate for many reasons I'll mention later on in the post. Here is a screenshot of the search in Windows 8:

Windows 8 Search

So as you can see there was a great improvement in searches between Windows XP and the later versions of Windows which to search all you need is to click the globe and start typing to get your results almost instantly.

Another feature that was introduced in newer models of Windows is the navigation pane. In the navigation pane you can add shortcuts to your most used folders. Have a look at it below:

What I hate about Windows 8:
As you can see from the screenshot of Windows 8, it has a completely different UI to other models of Windows. The thing about Windows 8 is that it is mainly designed for tablets and touch screen PCs. Look at the screenshot below, it may look pretty cool but it's really annoying without a touch screen. In fact, it's now harder to use the PC using Windows 8 than Windows 7 unless you have a touchscreen device.

Windows 8 start screen

Another example is the Wi-Fi menu, again you might think that the Windows 8 menu looks better, but as I started using it for several weeks I started missing the old menu. Here are screenshots from both versions of Windows:
Windows 7 Wi-Fi

Windows 8 Wi-Fi

Please also note how there is no more globe in the bottom left, instead if you click in the bottom left it will open to you the start screen which I showed you previously in the post. There is no more start menu! I consider Windows 7 the best version of Windows. I will soon be downgrading my Windows OS back again to Windows 7, when I do so I'll probably write a post on how to do it.

On the other hand, there were new features in Windows 8 such as the Windows Store. This is basically an App Store for Windows. Nevertheless, the Store lacks many apps and features a very small number of apps in comparison to other app stores. If you are thinking of upgrading to the Windows 8 consumer preview I don't recommend you doing so unless you have a touchscreen PC.

These were my opinions about Windows. What are your opinions about this huge and 'successful' business? Please share them in the comments section below.
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Samsung Galaxy S3 announced - highlighting the main features

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 4, 2012
It's been announced. The Samsung Galaxy S3, after a long waiting time, the Samsung fans finally receive it. Samsung announced the Galaxy S3 with many great out-of-the-mind features. In this post I'll cover the main  new features which I found shocking and amusing even though I prefer Apple. However, in my posts I try and stay unbiased about the two companies and give a fair balanced overview without siding up against either of the companies.
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Bypass 140 character limit on twitter for iPhone

By: Marawan Alwaraki, May 1, 2012
As I was starting to use Twitter more and more often on my iPhone I began to realise how annoying the 140 character limit could be. I did some research and found this tweak that allows you to bypass this limit, and pretty obviously it requires a jailbroken device. If you do not have a jailbroken device and are willing to jailbreak click here.

I found it really stressful to have to shorten down all my tweets to make them fit in the 140 characters. I am sure I am not the only one annoyed by this limit.
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