Top 3 dangers for teenagers that BlackBerry monitoring software can prevent

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 29, 2012
This is a guest post by Brian Coulter (more details at the bottom of the post). Credits go to him. If you would like to write us a guest post click here.

What happened to the world? When did it become so dangerous for kids just to walk back from the school? Or date? Or have friends?
Whatever the reason, our teenagers simply don't have the experience and maturity to take the best decisions. That's why it's up to us, the responsible, adult parents, to look after them and protect them, sometimes even from themselves.
One way we can do that is by using BlackBerry monitoring software. Suffice to say, it allows you to know everything that's going on with your teenager's life that he is keeping from you.
In fact, here are the three most common dangers that teenagers face in this country:
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Apple want 8 Samsung phones to become banned in US

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 28, 2012

After Apple's big victory against Samsung recently, Apple has requested 8 Samsung phones to be banned in the US. These prodcuts include:

-Galaxy S 4G
-Galaxy S2 AT&T
-Galaxy S2
-Galaxy S2 T-Mobile
-Galaxy S2 Epic 4G
-Galaxy S Showcase
-Droid Charge
-Galaxy Prevail

Do you think Apple will be able to ban these products? We will wait till 20th of September to see what happens. Stay tuned to not miss an update.

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Judge Koh says Samsung need to pay Apple over $1 Billion!

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 25, 2012
Victory was announced recently for Apple in the Apple vs Samsung trial. The trial is one of the biggest ever yet and it is decided that Apple need to pay Samsung $0 while Samsung need to pay Apple $1,051,855,000. Yup, trashing victory!

Below is what Judge Lucy Koh ruled followed by official statements issued by both Samsung and Apple:
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Doodle Jump updated with power-ups, costumes and more!

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 23, 2012
Doodle Jump, one of the most successful iOS apps of all time and certainly a very loved one, has been updated with the biggest update ever according to the developer. You can now collect coins to buy the new power-ups from the store; and as usual to get some money the developer lets you buy more coins for real life money. We now also got obstacles and moving platforms, so the game has a totally different experience (a lot greater!). I haven't played Doodle Jump in quite a while because it got boring of playing the same thing over and over again so it's awesome to see something new coming in. Just upgrade the app for free from the App Store and tell us what you think.
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The Simpsons: Tapped Out top on the list again!

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 19, 2012
The Simpsons: Tapped out is just one milestone of a game in iPhone's history! The game was released a few months ago but was removed because EA's servers were overloaded due to many people playing it! Yea the game is that good. What happened in the game is that Homer caused a meltdown that totally destroyed Springfield. So your objective is to rebuild Springfield. You unlock characters in the Simpsons family and then even unlock extra characters that you have seen in Simpsons.

The game is just fantastic. It requires an internet connection and is available for free on the App Store. Get amazed by downloading it here.

Make sure to tell us how the game was.
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WarFrame - a beta game that got my interest

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 17, 2012
We had a guest writer recently covering a few console games that have been released, or about to be released. Today however, I would like to talk about a PC games that's almost in beta yet seems great. It's a free co-op shooter game that by watching its trailer you will find yourself signing up instantly! Moreover, if you sign up now you receive a special weapon that is only for beta users. Read on for the trailer as well as beta sign-up link!
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The 5 Most Anticipated Xbox Games To Be Released Later This Year

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 17, 2012

This is a guest post by Steven Chalmers. (More info at the bottom of the post) where he continues his Xbox gaming article. Great thanks to him for it. If you want to write a guest post click here.

We may be approaching the end of summer, but gaming season doesn't have to be over just yet. The coming months are giving us more than their fair share of mouth-watering titles. Here are five of the games that have been causing the most gamer salivation so far.
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Apple could be integrating fingerprint technology in its products

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 16, 2012
When Apple release a new product we almost certainly see an increase in graphic quality and speed of the product in terms of hardware, a better camera and new software improvement e.g. Siri. We have never really seen a major breakthrough in a new product when it comes to hardware. Sooner or later however, this may not be the case. The fact that Apple acquired AuthenTec hints at it all. We can't really be certain about what Apple are going to do but it seems like they will be going for fingerprint technology and further security in its later products.
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Judge in Apple vs Samsung trial says its time for peace before both companies face the consequences

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 15, 2012

Judge Lucy Koh said something big today. She is asking Samsung and Apple to settle down before they both face the consequences. Furthermore, she warns that if both companies are trying to show that their properties shouldn't be messed with, then the message is delivered.

9to5Mac reports:
“I see risk here for both sides if we go to a verdict,” Judge Lucy Koh said on Wednesday. She said that if the companies were just seeking to show the world they both have intellectual property positions relative to tablets and smartphones then “message delivered.”
Perhaps it is actually time we see both companies going for peace rather than thermonuclear. I can't help but imagine a day when both companies come together! Am I just dreaming?

[Image from: Android AppStorm]
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iPhone 5 pre-orders to start on 12th September

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 14, 2012
12th September is the date when Apple will be announcing the new iPhone. This is great news for all Apple enthusiasts. But what's even greater is that pre-orders will be available on the same day! It is expected that the iPhone 5 will become available as usual in the US first followed by quick arrivals to other countries then a late arrival for the others. iMore are the ones who have been giving in the details which according to them comes from sources which have proven to be accurate before. They further note that the iPhone will become available on the 21st of September in the US followed by the first week in October (likely October 5th) for international markets.

Other than that I haven't got much more to say about the current iPhone featuring its taller display. Have you got anything to say about it?
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Top 5 Video Games Released So Far In 2012

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 14, 2012
This is a guest post by Steven Chalmers. (More info at the bottom of the post) Great thanks to him for it. If you want to write a guest post click here.

Though we have yet to reach the holiday release frenzy, 2012 has already provided gamers with plenty for gamers to sink their teeth into. The first half of the year has given us everything from long-awaited sequels to unexpected successes. For those looking for a new game that's worth playing, here are five of the best titles of the year thus far.
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10 Incredibly Cool Camera-themed iPhone Cases

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 13, 2012
This is a guest post by Rod Tolentino. (More info at the bottom of the post) Great thanks to him for it. If you want to write a guest post click here.

The iPhone is a picture perfect model of design and engineering, well worth its expensive price tag. Because of its value, it is only reasonable to protect it in case of the all-too-real hazard of human error. This protection can be attained through the simple solution of buying one of the most basic of iPhone accessories: a case.
This layer of security can also add to the iPhone’s aesthetics; and if one were to look at the right place, the case that captures one’s eyes can definitely be found. For those iPhone owners who fancy themselves as photo enthusiasts and would like to show their passion, they can choose from the following camera-themed cases for the iPhone:
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What the rumoured iPhone 5 screen shots will look like

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 11, 2012
5 rows and then the dock, so even more apps per page!
9to5Mac recently shared images of what the iPhone Simulator looks like while running the bigger screen size. The way to do this was because Apple (accidentally?) let developers run the iPhone in the longer screen size which is the expected design for the new iPhone. So while this gives away the screen size of the new iPhone; it also gave us a chance to see what the apps will actually start looking like and if you're a developer you may as well start getting your apps ready. More images after the break.
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A couple of Did You Know?'s

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 6, 2012
Just a couple Did You Know facts that I want to share with you.

  1. Did you know that is not optimized for iPhone? Reason is that one of the great features of the iPhone when it was announced back in 2007 was its ability to view full web pages. So making an iPhone template for Apple's website would be rather a contradiction.
  2. Did you know that Twitter has a higher Google page rank than Google? Seems like the guys at Google totally forgot how their algorithm works.
I found these 2 out myself. Then there's a website with more of these here.

So did you know these facts?
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Bladepad- Detachable game pad for iPhone

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 5, 2012
Gaming on your iPhone as you may have experienced is something great. Something we certainly didn't see before the iPhone was announced in 2007. Now we are seeing a detachable game pad for iPhone. This is different to iCade which let you put your iPhone into the gaming pad and use it as a PSP. What Bladepad does is let you have your iPhone similar to the PSP Vita.
Bladepad turns your iPhone into a true gaming system complete with dual joysticks, dual bumpers, and a detachable protective case!

Bladepad can certainly improve your gaming experience and I would really want to buy it. One problem though is that obviously not all games would be supported. However it seems like a lot of games would be supported:
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Did Samsung really copy Apple?

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 4, 2012
As Samsung and Apple are arguing in court about who copied who and if the copying was legal and all these things; I found a picture on a Facebook page that really makes the point of whether Samsung did in fact copy Apple in terms of design. Here it is:

Nothing to say really. The picture speaks for itself. Whose side are you on?
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How to make your Windows look and have some features of a Mac

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 3, 2012
Mac OS is definitely a highly advanced operating system that competes strongly with Windows. With Mountain Lion being released it got even better. Although both systems do feature great unique content, Mac OS certainly has a lot more. In this tutorial I will teach you how to make your Windows PC (in this case I used Windows 7) to look like a Mac and have some great features uniquely found in a Mac. Below I have a screenshot of how my Windows 7 now looks like after the modifications:

This is Windows!

For more details of how I did this read on after the break.

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TShirtOS - Control your t-shirt with your iPhone; display text, pictures and video!

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 3, 2012
Before you think wow this can't be real let me just clarify, it is. TShirtOS lets you display anything you want on your t-shirt via your iPhone! Crazy right? Well this is how it works. Your iPhone has a 'big brain' while the t-shirt has a 'small brain'. Both brains connect via the internet to let you display Facebook posts, tweets, instagram pictures or even play videos. The resolution obviously isn't as great as your HDTV. The display supports a view of 32 x 32 which matches the built in camera in the shirt. Oh yea I forgot to mention that the shirt has a built in camera as well as a microphone and speakers. These are shirts being revolutionized here.
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How to change play back speed for music and podcasts

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 1, 2012
Do you wanna play music twice as fast or twice as slow on your iPhone? Do you wanna listen to lectures on your iPhone a bit quicker than how long it actually took to save you time? Then this guide has been made for you. I have provided a tutorial on converting your song into a podcast to change playback speed.

It's really easy when it comes to podcasts and audio books. All you have to do is tap the 2x button near the top right corner directly beneath the music slider. A screen shot is available below.
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Amazon Cloud Player receives a huge update

By: Marawan Alwaraki, August 1, 2012
Amazon Cloud Drive is a cloud based service that allows users to securely store their music in the cloud. The service is available on:

  • Android phones and tablets
  • iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Kindle Fire
  • Mac and PC

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