Unlocked iPhone 5 now available in the US store

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 30, 2012

The unlocked iPhone 5 has now finally made its way into the US store. It is available in prices that have been expected (and also leaked). The iPhone is available in for the following prices:

-$649 for a 16 GB iPhone
-$749 for a 32 GB iPhone
-$849 for a 64 GB iPhone

The prices are lower than in any other Apple Online Store in any other country. Canada is the closest to the US' price but this is the cheapest.

The unlocked iPhone 5 will only work on CDMA based carriers and not GSMA so in the US it will not work on Verizon or Sprint. Below is the full note from Apple's website:
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Google Nexus 10 versus Apple iPad 4 - One-on-OneCombat

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 29, 2012
This is a guest by Nicole Wilson (bio at the bottom of the page). If you would like to write us a guest post please click here.

The newest challenger to Apple's iPad 4 is the Nexus 10 from Google, manufactured by Samsung.
Let us see how they stand up to each other.

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By: Rahul Garewal, November 29, 2012

The appearance and look of a website are core features which determine the success and popularity of the website. It’s the first thirty seconds in which a user decide whether to stay on your page or not. If the colors, layout, and fonts disappoint the visitor then they are not going to pay attention on your content and will leave immediately. An organic theme will be a good starter in developing an attractive website and besides this; there are many other choices about the design which can be made. Here are five simple tips to create an attractive word press website.
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What if Apple invented letters

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 27, 2012
Imagine if Apple was the company that came up with the idea of using letters to communicate with each other? What would they have done? They would let anyone use it of course!

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iPhone 5 shipping times dropping even further to one week

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 26, 2012
When the iPhone 5 was first announced, users who didn't pre-order the iPhone in the first day or so during the pre-order time had to wait several weeks till they can buy an iPhone. The shipping dates gradually increased until it was 3-4 weeks with a bigger chance of it being 4 than 3.

This month however, Apple have started catching up with the demand on the iPhone and the shipping times dropped to 2 weeks very recently. Furthermore, Apple have now dropped the shipping time to 1 week in several online stores. The only one I've seen so far is the Australian store but it surely isn't the only one.
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Are iOS apps really sucking up your battery and memory when multitasked?

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 25, 2012
What is actually happening to these apps?

The quick answer to this is no. Well not really. Lots of apps, especially games, run nothing in the background at all when being multitasked. The app is said to be in 'suspended' mode. Other apps may perform a few background processes such as fetching notifications or detecting your location almost all the time your iOS device is own. While other apps are granted up to roughly 10 minutes to run properly in the background such as to download podcasts for example, or to play audio. These apps can not run for too long in the battery.
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Video Tube- Powerful YouTube app for iPad

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 21, 2012
After Apple silently removed the YouTube app from iOS 6 during its beta phases, many customers were beginning to wonder if the relationship between both competitors will negatively affect the customers poorly. Google released an iPhone app really quickly but an iPad app has not been seen on the App Store yet. This leaves us with trying out various alternatives to the YouTube app or simply sticking to Safari. I have been using a free app since I got my iPad and I really like it and would like to share it with you.
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Forums added to Alwaraki blog

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 21, 2012
Hi there. Just wanted to let you all know that forums are now live on Alwaraki Blog. If you need help with anything to do with smart phones and tablets or want to share a topic you can now do so in the forums. I hope to see topics showing up in there. Be sure to check it out:


Don't worry, the forums might look empty now, but if you post a question there I'm one person that will certainly help!
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Review Nokia HERE- my first working maps app is now here!

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 20, 2012
Finally, as a Middle-East citizen I can now use maps. Mapping in the Middle-East is ridiculously poor and I'm aware that this is the case in many places. Google Maps does have a few places on their server here and there and some direction, yet it still doesn't have enough shopping malls or parks to be a good mapping application here (yes we do have shopping malls and parks!) iOS Maps didn't even have normal mapped directions in the Middle East, or at least most if it so that was really poor. On the other hand Nokia Maps simply have almost everything you will need from a maps app, but it could get slightly annoying sometimes.

Nokia Maps has just been released for iOS and being so enthusiastic about getting a maps app I downloaded the app almost as soon as it was made available. And here is what I found in it.
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'Tri-Tone'! What are push messages?

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 19, 2012
Image source: Apple Insider
This is a guest post by James. Thanks to him for sharing this article. If you would like to write us a guest post please click here. James talks about what push messages are and how they can help a business.

Push messages have become a convenient and easy way for users of iPhones and iPod Touch to receive information on almost anything. Push messages are a tool that allows users of iPhone apps to be notified about news and information. Typically, push messages are sent by companies that use this powerful medium for advertising their products and services and they do not need the permission of the user to push such messages. Push messages are generated by the server and do not need the impetus or query for the service from the user. As far as iPhone push messages are concerned, these can be accessed through the use of apps and a web connection.
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Samsung wants to know the details of Apple and HTC patents settlement

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 17, 2012

Samsung wants to know the details of the deal between Apple and HTC's court agreement. Apple and HTC agreed to a court deal last week and Samsung are certainly interested. The Korean company said that they will not agree to patent agreements with Apple so the reasons behind this are interesting. CNET published the report and below is a quote from the report:
"As you know, the issue of Apple's willingness to license its patents was briefed in Samsung's opposition to Apple's motion for permanent injunction," wrote Quinn Emanuel's Robert Becher, who is representing Samsung in the case. "This license has direct bearing on the question of irreparable harm and whether monetary remedies are adequate."
Perhaps Samsung are changing their mind, or what do you think they want to do? 
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Steve Wozniak speakes at TedXBrussels

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 14, 2012
Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak, the man behind Apple's technology had spoken at Ted X Brussels today. Steve Wozniak used to be to shy to raise his hand in his club where they used to share computer ideas; and now he is speaking in front a lot of people.

Steve Wozniak was the first to start Apple, alongside Steve Jobs. They were friends for quite a long time before Jobs even went to university. Wozniak was the tech guy and Jobs was the finishing touches and marketing guy. Wozniak wanted to give away products for free and have an open shared world while Jobs wanted to make money out of the tech Wozniak makes. In the video below Wozniak talks about how people no longer own products but are only licensed to use them.
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Apple and HTC settle patent disputes

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 14, 2012
Today Apple and HTC reached a settlement agreement for all patents as well as a 10 year license. The settlement is confidential so we don't know much about it, however some information could be leaked over the next week. Below is the message from Apple's press team on their website.

TAIPEI, Taiwan and CUPERTINO, California—November 10, 2012—HTC and Apple® have reached a global settlement that includes the dismissal of all current lawsuits and a ten-year license agreement. The license extends to current and future patents held by both parties. The terms of the settlement are confidential.
“HTC is pleased to have resolved its dispute with Apple, so HTC can focus on innovation instead of litigation,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC. 
“We are glad to have reached a settlement with HTC,” said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. “We will continue to stay laser focused on product innovation.”

It's great to see companies finally focusing on manufacturing phones rather than fighting over patents. We hope more companies enter into an agreement too.
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Automating Android App Testing

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 13, 2012
By- Eva Zaremba (bio at the end of the article). Have an idea? Click here to guest post.

Before we go into the details of automating Android App Testing, it is important to understand why exactly this testing needs to be carried out. There are several reasons which make it necessary to carry out thorough testing of Android applications. To begin with there are so many devices available, all which carry various versions of Google’s Android’s operating system. It is crucial to keep consumers happy and what better way to do this than by testing Android apps before they are released.

Automated Android app testing tools include Robolectric, MonkeyRunner and Robotium. LessPainful provides this automated testing on the actual device itself.
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Tiled Review- make photo collages on iOS

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 9, 2012
Tiled is am awesome free application for iOS. The app lets you make photo collages-put pictures next to each other- on your iOS device. It supports both iPhone and iPad. The app groups your photos beautifully into one app. There are other apps that perform similarly but this one is the best I've tried.


You can zoom in and out of the pictures to make them look the way you want them too. Sometimes though, I would want to zoom out a bit further but I can't.
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Has Apple really ever invented anything?

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 8, 2012
That's a big question. When I saw a video with this title being suggested on YouTube; I thought at first that this guy must be mad! Apple invented a lot of things. They've revolutionized the whole tech industry.

Then... I watched the video and realized it. Apple barely invented anything. The guys at teksyndicate who made the video were running a contest on what has Apple invented, and not improved. Strangely enough it turns out they didn't really bring out new ideas but instead brought many ideas, successful and failing ones, to life and totally revolutionized them.

As much as I do agree with their ideas, I'm totally against how they're blaming Apple for it. Apple may have not invented products, but they certainly saved many products from being ancient history such as tablets. And would they like other business copying them? Let's turn this round a little bit, would you like other people copying your work and getting credit for it?

Make sure to watch the video embedded below too.
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What makes a normal phone be considered as a smartphone

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 8, 2012
Guest post by: Diana Maria, more information at the bottom of the post. Want to contribute to Alwarakiblog?

If you understand what makes a normal phone a smartphone, it could simply help you in making the option of leaving your bulk size computer at home or office and simply rely on its miniaturized version through smartphones. If you compare any normal phone with a high end smartphone, there are many visible differences between the two. The smartphones are capable of doing many functions unlike your PC or laptop; it offers you a more amount of features and high end experiences without actually sacrificing any function you enjoy in your PC. In order to make your normal phone a smartphone, it should carry the following features as discussed below.
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Comparison: Microsoft Surface RT vs iPad 4th Generation

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 6, 2012
Have you been wondering where both of these tablets stand against each other? Do you want to buy one but not sure which one? Looking for a comparison between both tablets? Here you go!

I typed up a guest post on Tablet Productive and would like to share it with you. Head over there and read it if you're looking for a detailed comparison of both tablets. I just got my iPad 4th Generation today by the way and I'm loving it, expect a review this weekend.
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Apple sold 3 million iPad in 3 days

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 5, 2012

Apple just announced that during the three launch days they have sold three million iPads. This includes the iPad 4th Generation as well as the iPad Mini. This is double the sales of the first 3 days of the iPad 3rd Generation which sold 1.5 million iPads. This theoretically makes sense as they're selling two iPad models so they get double the sales of only selling one. Practically though, it's not that simple.

Apple released the iPad Mini with quite a high price in comparison to its competing 7 inch tablets. Unsurprisingly though it got a lot of sales. Same with the iPad 4th generation which was regarded as a small upgrade. 3 million sales of these tablets is certainly a high number and something to make Apple proud.
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Get the Internet to work for you with IFTTT!

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 4, 2012
If This Then That (IFTTT) is a simple website that does exactly what it says. The website lets you choose an event to trigger an action on the internet. The website is compatible with almost all of the online services possible and you will be finding many recipes that will help you get things done easier. A recipe I use is triggered when I update my profile picture on Facebook, as soon as I update my Facebook profile picture, my Twitter profile picture is updated too. Simple as that. No coding required whatsoever.

The process is really simple, a trigger then an action. That's why the website is called If This Then That. So when this happens then that will happen too. Read on for an explanation of the terms as well as sample recipes with a link to some recipes I recommend.
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Summly: summarize articles on your iPhone!

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 3, 2012
Reading articles could be a time waster. It is useful and does give you useful content and keeps you up with the news you care about, but it could sometimes just be a waste of time reading many parts of an article. This is where Summly comes in handy. Summly is a free app that received Editor's Choice and was tweeted from Apple's official App Store account on Twitter. This is really remarkable for an app developed my a 17 year old. More details after the break.
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Capture full screen photos on iPhone 5 using the default camera app [No Jailbreak]

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 2, 2012
The iPhone 5’s camera received a few upgrades from the iPhone 4S. It remains at 8 mega pixels but received a few improvements such as a sapphire lens. There is one drawback though to the iPhone 5’s camera which is that photos captures using the default camera app don’t cover the whole screen leaving you with ‘black bars’ a the top and bottom. This does happen with previous iPhones except that the bars used to be so thin and to a certain extent un-noticeable. However, video on the iPhone 5 can be recorded in full screen which is how you can do the trick to capture photos in full screen too.
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Hilarious videos bully iPad Mini

By: Marwan Elwaraki, November 1, 2012
People don't seem to want to stop making jokes on Apple. It's not just competitors, but some individual comedians who like to do such things. Conan O'Brein made one of the videos where he bullies Apple's iPad Mini. Another 'Banned' iPad Mini Promo does the same thing. Watch both videos below and tell us which one is funnier. In my opinion Conan's video was actually a lot funnier.
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