Why Life Without Cable or Satellite Technology May Be Easier than You Think

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 28, 2012
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This is the best time to be a television lover. There are endless options in terms of channels and content. You can easily get access to programs being broadcasted from the other end of the world. While you can order the Dish Latino service, most people these days are considering whether or not it is worth paying so much money for cable or satellite technology. The services generally offer more than 200 channels but it is not humanly possible to watch all of them.

Even if you are a habitual channel flipper, you would still have a hard time getting through all the channels on offer in a day. Hence, it is clear why people are having second thoughts about using cable or satellite anymore. The main issue is the state of the economy. With inflation on the rise and the economy on a downward spiral, people don’t want to pay for something they have limited use for. Unless you are sitting at home all day and watching TV, you would have a hard time justifying it.
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Speed up App Store in iOS 6 by following this simple method

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 27, 2012
Some users have been reporting a really slow sluggish App Store since they upgraded to iOS 6. It's not only users with older iPhone that experience issues but also users with newer iPhones are experiencing a quite slow and laggy App Store. On my iPhone 5 the only issue I really have is with loading the purchased apps list in the "Updates" tab. After following this method it still seems to take forever for me, however it fixed the problem for most other users so perhaps I'm just unlucky.

To speed up the App Store you need to turn off Genius for apps. Genius is a feature that tracks your favourite apps and recommends apps that are similar to those you've downloaded. Furthermore, it also uses your location for more suitable ads. Genius has been reported as the problem and so in this tutorial I'll show you how to turn off Genius.
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Samsung Galaxy Music Duos S6012

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 27, 2012
This is a guest post by John S Lam (more info at the bottom of the article. If you would like to write us a guest post please click here.

Samsung Galaxy Music Duos S6012 is a smart phone by Samsung. It was announced by Samsung in October 2012 and is expected to be released soon. Galaxy Music is a portable and compact phone by Samsung. It is a smart phone with touch screen and a numerous amount of amazing features.
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How to get notifications for every new tweet by a certain user

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 26, 2012
There are these Twitter accounts that tweet really funny tweets and don't tweet so often so I don't get to see their tweets on my timeline so often. I sometimes wish I could be notified for every time they tweet so I can see their tweet. This is exactly what I'll be showing you in this tutorial.

What you need is a smartphone. You can't subscribe from your laptop so you have to do it from your phone.

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Watch TV Shows on iPhone for free

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 23, 2012
Most people tend to watch TV Shows either from TV or from their computer simply because an iPhone does not support flash player to watch the TV shows. After a bit of experimenting I found the best and easiest method to watch TV shows from an iPhone or any smart phone.

To start off, I do know there are browsers on the App Store that support Flash Player. However, it is very glitch and will cost you money to use Flash after the trial period has finished. The videos take forever to buffer too. So I eliminated this option.
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Buy 2 get 1 free at Electronic Stock Distribution! [Sponsored]

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 22, 2012
Are you still looking for a few Christmas presents and gifts for your friends and family? Stop looking! I've found a website that is offering a temporary Christmas promotion to buy 2 products and get the third free. The website offers a wide variety of products from phones, camera, laptops and musical instruments.

The website is called Electronic Stock Distribution. I wanted to share the website here on my blog to inform you guys about it.
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Tube You Later- download YouTube videos on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 20, 2012

Update: TubeU Later has been removed from the App Store

Not everyone has an unlimited cellular data plan on their phones. And not everyone has access to high speed Internet when outside their homes. But what almost everyone can get is an app called Tube You Later. A free app that lets you save videos from YouTube directly into your iPhone so that you can watch them later when away from an Internet connection. The app could be useful in many situations, and in this tutorial I'll be showing you how it operates.

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iOS 6.0.2 released

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 18, 2012
When iOS 6 was released users were faced with a few bugs here and there. iOS 6.0.1 was released to fix most of these bugs. It did but a few bugs remained. One of the bugs users faces was problems with Wi-Fi.

I'm not sure exactly what problem this fixes, but my friend today was able to catch a Wifi hotspot using his iPhone 4 running iOS 5 while my iPhone 5 couldn't. It also takes quite a long time to connect to Wifi on iOS 6

Hopefully this update fixes both the Wifi problems as the update was released to specifically fix the Wifi bug. The update says:

"Fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi."

Did the update fix the bug for you?

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Halfbrick Studio's games are all free for a limited time on iOS! (Updated: Costs money now)

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 17, 2012
All of halfbrick studio's games are free for a limited time. This includes the very popular fruit ninja. I'm unsure of how long exactly this offer will last, but it's safest to grab the apps as soon as possible.

To see all of halfbrick's games simply search the App Store for fruit ninja and tap on the app to view more details. Scroll down and you'll find "Developer info". Tap on that.

You will be given a list of all games made by halfbrick studio. You will find that they're all free!

Have fun!

Update: They cost money now. The promotion has ended.
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5 dangers on YouTube that you should ensure your children avoid

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 17, 2012
This is a guest post by Brian Coulter(more info at the bottom of the post). If you would like to write a guest post please click here.

There are plenty of good reasons why a parent should make use of an android monitoring app and the most important one is to make sure your children are not involves in anything that can bring them, or others around them, harm.

Teenagers are drawn into doing things just to be “one of the gang”. While it is nice for your children to have friends, peer pressure can be a dangerous thing. Children don’t like to be cast out of the group and will sometimes do stupid things to prove themselves.
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Integrate Google Maps instead of Apple Maps with Siri

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 17, 2012
Google have released Google Maps for iOS devices just a few days ago. To many, this was a big relief from the many problems and even limitations that Apple Maps had to offer. In the Middle East Apple Maps doesn't even give directions from one place to another. I've covered another mapping app, Nokia Here previously and it was a pretty good alternative. However it isn't as powerful as Google Maps in many ways.

When Apple removed Google Maps from iOS, many customers found it as a loss. However, patience is the key! When Google released the maps app for iOS it includes turn-by-turn navigation and is getting offline mode soon too. These are two big features that Google restricted Apple from offering.
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Twitter and Instagram Engage In a Serious Duel

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 14, 2012
This is a guest post by Ezra Melino(more details at the bottom of the post). If you would like to contribute a guest post please click here.

We love watching fights. It doesn't matter what sides are what, or if they are people or massive companies. We also love social media, and when they two things get combined, it's an unyielding narcotic that we can't get enough of. That's why everyone has been jumping at the conflict occurring between the social network Twitter, and the popular photo hosting site, Instagram.
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Tricks to use New Windows Ribbon in Windows8! Let’s talk

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 13, 2012

This is a guest post by Infurn (bio at the bottom of the page). If you would like to write us a guest post please click here.

The Windows Operating System is here; it's called Windows 8. Faster, better, stylish, sleek, and filled with more features make Windows 8 the most effective Operating System to come out from the house of Microsoft. This latest version of Windows OS is packed with lots of new features. One amazing feature is the Ribbon concept. Using this New Ribbon concept, files can be arranged faster and in a more systematic way. Let's explain a bit further.
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Check out your 20 biggest moments of 2012

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 12, 2012
Earlier today I shared a video made by Google that summarizes the year 2012. Are you not in it? Well I am! Just kidding. But don't worry, Facebook let you see your 20 biggest moments of 2012.

The instructions are very easy. Just head over to Facebook and go to your profile page. It must be yours, you can't see other people's biggest moments unless they share it the same way they share a status.
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A beautiful summary of 2012 made by Google

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 12, 2012
Not tech-related.

Now that we are coming towards the end of 2012 and most people are living the last recurring date ever in their lives, Google made a beautiful video that summarizes the year 2012. The video showcases the most important events and successes that took place throughout the year. They played some soft inspiring music in the background which was a cherry on top for this motivational video. Watch the video below and tell us what you think. I find it one of the best videos I've watched in my life.
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Samsung Unveils 'Galaxy Muse Player'

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 11, 2012
This is a guest post by Roy Fernandez (more details at the bottom of the page). If you would like to write us a guest post click here.
The Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones has sold over a million units. Satisfied customers list various reasons why they love these gadgets. From the spacious AMOLED displays to the Android versatility, Galaxy has it all. What had been missing is the recently-released Muse Player.

In simple terms, the Galaxy Muse Player is an mp3-playing device. Dig deeper and you will find out that Samsung unveiled the Muse so that the Galaxy family could enjoy a better music session on the go.

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GTA Vice City review for iOS

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 9, 2012
GTA promised that they will be releasing a ported version of GTA Vice City to both iOS and Android. It has been out for iOS for roughly a week now, but not for Android due to technical reasons.  The app is priced at $5 for a universal app. So you only need to buy it once to play it on 10 iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. I bought the game and have been playing it on the iPad for quite a while and this is what I can say about it.
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Samsung smart air conditioner- controll your AC from practiacally anywhere

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 8, 2012
Some people already live in houses that cost them millions because they're so high-tech and friendly to the user. This is very good for them, but what about the average consumer like me and you(?) Technology is steadily entering our houses and we can take great advantage of them to live a 'happy' life.

Samsung Smart Zone
The dream bedroom!

Samsung are making this dream a good step closer. They introduced in the Samsung Smart Air Conditioner. This AC is actually smart and not just like any other AC. The key feature in it is that you use your phone (Android or iPhone) to control your AC.
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YouTube app for iOS updated to add support for iPhone 5 and iPad

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 6, 2012
YouTube were considerably quick to release a YouTube app for iPhone shortly after Apple removed the built-in YouTube app in iOS 6. It certainly came really quick while Google Maps for iOS has not been announced yet, but there are reasons for this. However when the app was released it didn't support the 4 inch display on the iPhone 5 and for the iPad. This resulted in many users switching to the web version or simply looking for alternatives.

However, not too long after the native YouTube app now supports the iPhone 5 and the iPad displays. The app comes in and many people regard as a great replacement to the boring YouTube app on previous versions of iOS.

The new app offers some cool swiping gestures and a modern sidebar for easy navigation. The app in overall has a beautiful user interface and is really liked for that.
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Top five Gadgets gifts on Christmas

By: Rahul Garewal, December 6, 2012

Christmas is an event when we present gifts to our loved ones. Not just the family, but friends and colleagues also exchange gifts.
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Not bothered to write an essay? They'll write it for you! [Sponsored]

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 5, 2012
You know these days when you have an essay due in and you really can't be bothered to write it? Worry no more, a website called 911essay is the true emergency website you should be opening. It provides essay writing services that will help save your depressed student life!

The essays you will be provided with are:
  • Unique and not plagiarized
  • Could be for any subject you want at any difficulty
  • Written by a group of professionals who write high quality articles
It will cost you only $19.99 to get a fantastically high grade on your next essay with a 15% discount if it is your first essay.
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Facebook slowly introducing 'reply to specific comments'

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 4, 2012
Facebook is trying to improve their comment system that usually gets really messy, really messy. Especially when it is a post by a big page and there is an argument going on between two people, you see them both arguing with a reply coming in many comments later and another loser joins in the argument and all the comments become really messy. So it is really sensible for Facebook to introduce a new system in comments when people can reply to comments individually.

In the new system you can basically reply to specific comments as shown above. You can click on the icon next to reply to see replies to that specific comment. The overall interface is a lot cleaner and simple.
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Facebook might be buying Whatsapp

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 3, 2012
According to TechCrunch Facebook might be buying Whatsapp. This is another big move that Facebook would like to make. The last biggest move they ever made was probably when they bought Istagram for $1 Billion. If Facebook do actually buy Whatsapp we might be seeing a number that is just as big, or perhaps a lot bigger.

Facebook have been trying a lot to make themselves more adapted to the mobile market, which is seen as the future of the technological communication. It is said that Facebook is as bad in mobile as Google are in going social (Google+). To bypass such remarks Mark Zuckerberg promised that an update to the iOS version of the app will be released every 4 weeks and an update to the Android app will be released every 2 weeks. Furthermore, Facebook now have a few apps in the App Store which are all supporting its move towards going mobile.

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Microsoft pay a few celebs for Windows Phone 8 ads

By: Marawan Alwaraki, December 2, 2012
Microsoft are spending more money to promote Windows Phone 8. By watching previous adverts and promotional videos it is obvious that Microsoft really love the idea of having tiles. And yes it is a great feature. Microsoft however are spending a lot of money to make people love the idea as much as they love it too.

Microsoft are now airing new adverts that are promoting the idea so much but would probably also cost them a lot of money. In my opinion, getting celebs for adverts doesn't really help promote a product especially when you know the celeb is only doing so because he/she is getting paid. Watch the 4 ads below and tell us how successful you think they are, or will be.
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