App Store hits 40 billion downloads

By: Unknown, January 7, 2013
Apple just announced that there have been 40 billion unique downloads on the App Store. This excludes updates or re-downloads of apps. Apple took this as a chance to brag a little bit about how successful their App Store now is, and to be honest it is. Here are a few of the later statistics that Apple announced today.

The App Store hit 40 Billion downloads with 2 million downloads in December and almost 20 million in 2012.

There are over 775,000 apps for iOS.

Developers have been paid $7 billion. I find this a cheesy way to word it though as it is the developers that earned the money themselves.

Apple then got a few developers to say how awesome the App Store is. This included the developers of Temple Rub who said that their app has received 75 million downloads in the past year.

Apple also quoted what other developers said about the App Store but it's pointless to include them on my blog. Have you developed any app for the App Store?

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