Beautiful iPhone lock screen concept

By: Unknown, January 28, 2013
Yes fine the iPhone lock screen may be getting a bit boring for some of you. And this is why we are seeing beautiful concepts on the internet. I have got one concept to show you today which although look gorgeous has one very big downside which I will be discussing.

The good:

The concept has this rather futuristic touch on it with some really aesthetic details and features as you can see in the images below. The box with the time has more features as well as looks a lot nicer than the stock one.

We also get a really beautiful notifications area. And when I say really beautiful I mean it.

And finally at the bottom, we get a cool looking music player that matches the theme of the lock screen. Everything works together. As you can see the bottom part is also changeable to show the weather and perhaps other widgets too.

The downside:
The big downside to this is that it kills the whole point of having a lock screen. The reason we have a lock screen is so that nothing goes wrong while our phone is in our pocket. Those really into the subject will probably know why the "Slide to Unlock" concept was even implemented in the first iPhone all the way until today. By having this lock screen, we may as well not have a lock screen at all since things can go wrong while the phone is in your pocket. But hey, I got a solution!

The solution:
I really love this concept and so I was thinking of a way the problem above could be tackled. And so I thought that if perhaps the little lock icon on top of the notifications could be slid clockwise around the circle once to make the lock screen interactive and anti clockwise to unlock the phone. Without sliding the circle at all the lock screen will not be interactive and so no touch input on the widgets could take place.

Sounds good?

The dream:
Now I'm just wishing that some developer picks up on this concept and turns it into reality with a Cydia tweak similarly to what happened with Auxo. Moreover, a greater and less likely dream would be for Apple to implement it in iOS 7. But, as I said, this is just a dream!

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  1. Wow, that's really cool! I don't have an iPhone because I prefer Android, but that's still pretty cool!

  2. That is good stuff. Can you share more details on the topic. I want to buy an iPhone but I am just planning right now. May be you can convince me to buy it with more details :)

    1. I have an iPhone and I love it but its all opinion based so try out other phones too


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