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By: Unknown, January 19, 2013

This is a guest post.
Since cell phone cameras are getting increasingly more complex and some of them are trying to compete with regular cameras, let’s take a look at the cell phones with the best cameras. After all, the Christmas time is approaching and our loved ones will certainly like to get a cool cell phone that will let them take high-quality photos during all those Christmas celebrations.
While some of them are immaculate at taking fantastic shots others make disastrous images. Let’s see which ones are the best.

Apple iPhone 5
The camera on this device appeared to be a great improvement on its predecessors – with the resolution as 8Mp it isn't too different from the camera in the iPhone 4S. equipping it with the 5th lens to make the quality of photos unbelievable and making the aperture larger to cope with taking photos when the light is dim. The phone has a saphire lens which improves quality and durability of the lens itself.
However many iPhone 5 users discover that when there is a bright light, a ‘purple haze’ style effect can be noticed, which is not present in analogous photos on the 4S.
Samsung Galaxy S3
This well-respected smart phone comes equipped not only with a powerful 8Mp autofocus snapper and LED flash, but also boasts a lot of useful features like geo-tagging, burst shot, anti-shake, etc. What is more, the camera can be used to record video in full HD 1080p resolution. Can you resist the urge to buy a cell phone with such a wonderful camera?
Sony Xperia T
This one can be praised for a 13Mp camera with a Sony Exmor R sensor. Although it has been proven that megapixels aren’t the guarantee of high quality, the camera on this model is capable of taking pretty good photos.
Among a whole range of great specs one can see that this cell phone has a separate camera button – no need to look for an onscreen button to start using the camera.
Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia is well-known for its fascinating camera phones. No wonder that its Lumia 920 has inherited a lot of top features from older models. Pureview technology with Carl Zeiss optics, a dual-LED flash and a huge aperture make it 920 a really nice camera phone.
Although it’s better to try using all of these smart phones yourself to find out if their cameras are really cool, we hope that our recommendations will help you on the Christmas Eve when you’ll be desperately looking for a gift to your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, or children. But if you are going to make such an expensive gift to your kid, please don’t forget to equip the smart phone of your choice with spy software that will let you monitor their mobile activities and even track their exact location. After all, you can’t forget about the safety issues.
Author Bio: Ida C. Evans is an experienced writer in the high tech sphere. Ida C Evans works at an mSpy company developing cell phone spy software.

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