Do Not Disturb feature on iOS 6 glitches the same day that Apple release an ad

By: Unknown, January 2, 2013
Users have reported that with the new year coming in their Do Not Disturb feature, one of the big hits in iOS 6, has caught a bug. Apple usually get something wrong at the start of every year and it was almost always to do with alarms, however Apple's software engineers seemed to have worked so hard to fix the alarms glitch and forgot about Do Not Disturb. I think we should forgive them for it.

Let's get serious though. Some of you might have experienced bugs with DO Not Disturb. I don't even use it so I'm fine, but for those who do here are a few working fixes as well as a bit of discussion follow by an ad released at the wrong time.

If you are experiencing an issue with DND try some of the suggested solutions below. They worked for some and didn't for others. Let's just hope you're lucky!

  • Simply toggle the DND switch
  • Disable the scheduled toggle in Notifications --> Do Not Disturb
  • Reboot your iPhone
These are the only three solutions that I know of at the moment. If you know any more please help users out and share it in the comment.

It's quite disappointing to see such a bug with Apple's operating system. Although the feature as well as the bug could be seen as a minor problem in general, users could be missing phone calls and messages or on the other hand wake up to a new email. In either case it's something bad to see for an operating system made by the "smartest people on this planet" as said by top people at Apple.

And guess what? Apple are airing a new TV ad to promote ... the Do Not Disturb feature. [Facepalm] The ad was pretty good though in my opinion and it is a true shame to see it released at the wrong time when the press will just mock it rather than praise it. Oh well. Watch the ad below.

It's good isn't it?

Have you experienced any trouble with the Do Not Disturb feature? Have you found any way to fix it? What do you think of this bug, is it exaggerated? Do share your thoughts and opinions as a comment below.

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