Facebook: The new menace?

By: Unknown, January 9, 2013
This is a guest post by Liza John.
No sleep, low grades, no class concentration, no focus on what’s happening around, being immensely fond of taking photos and losing potential to do anything good. No, these are not symptoms of being a drug addict; these are simply the symptoms of the new phobia people of all age groups, specially teens and youngsters, the fear of logging out of face book.
What is Facebook?
Yeah yeah, I know how stupid this question is but come on; there have to be people who don’t know what Facebook is. Oh! Who am I kidding? Anyways, Facebook is the hottest social networking website of today and is the most used way of communicating. Facebook is the most must have application on Android, iOS and Blackberry and it is with no doubt the most used social networking website. It’s really easy to use and relatively like real life. You make friends, chat with them, know what they’re up to, communicate, write on each others’ wall, like stuff, comment on pictures and statuses and poke each other.

Why Facebook is considered as a menace?
Facebook is very useful and handy but when it comes to attracting a huge, huge audience, Facebook does it well. The only drawback is that Facebook is like a marriage, once you’re in, you’re so in. Some people refer to Facebook as a refrigerator, where you just go in and have a look around, knowing that there’s nothing new. Facebook makes people addicted to itself and people never leave it. Someone said it right “the hardest thing to do is to press the logout button on Facebook”.
What it can cause
Facebook addiction simply consumes time which means less study, less chores and more Facebook. Facebook is runining this generation everyday and it is lowering students’ grades worldwide. Facebook, when created back in 2004 was just meant to connect friends but now, it is a way of doing practically everything! People are becoming Facebook addicts’ everyday and this addiction is not age specific although this is seen mostly in youngsters and teenagers.
What can be done to prevent it?
Parents should always monitor their childrens’ internet usage and should always optimize the time they spend on Facebook as it is not that healthy. The internet was made to make life easier but since the invention of social networking websites like Facebook, it has become a place where addicts enjoy themselves and obtain their daily dose of their respective drug (Facebook, Twitter etc.) The only thing we can do to prevent Facebook addiction in youngsters is to monitor their internet usage and to regulate the time they spend on Facebook and other social networking websites.
What can be expected in 2013?
In 2013, we cannot expect anything but more addicts. Facebook is expanding and updating its database day by day and we cannot expect anything but Facebook to get better, and bigger. The number of addicts is predicted to increase about 30% in the next year, which is way too much. 2013 is also said to be the ‘peak’ of the Facebook era.
 Editor's note: Facebook even admitted it themselves!
Cakes Are Like Facebook 
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