Razer Edge is World’s Most Powerful Tablet, Starts at $999

By: Unknown, January 19, 2013

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Everyone is very curious about what has happened in CES 2013, right? Manufacturers of different companies like Sony, Samsung, etc have announced their products which embody latest technology. There is news for tablet cum gaming lovers which will drive them crazy. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has announced it first gaming tablet, which will start at $999. Just imagine the fun you will have while playing your favorite games on tablet now. So let's not waste time and jump to technical specifications of this tablet.

What's the name?
Razer has named this tablet as Edge. So in short, Razer Edge is a tablet truly made for gaming. Gamers who enjoyed gaming experience with Razer Blade laptop will have higher expectations from Razer Edge.

Birth of Razer Edge:
It all started with Project Fiona as CES 2012. Razer has mentioned about this conceptual tablet. But it's interesting to know that Razer Edge is result of crowd-sourcing campaign conducted by Razer engineers. Razer engineers are smart enough to keep up pace with users demands in this evolution era. In crowd-sourcing campaign, they noted down gamers expectations about gaming tablet. Based on their feedback and trends in latest technology, Razer Edge is fully amplified output provided by Razer.

We have seen in 2012, on the heels of Windows 8 release, many tablets and ultrabooks are ringing in within digital market. Many manufacturers have taken advantage of Windows 8, so even Razer has not lagged behind. Razer Edge is featured by Windows 8 and powered by Intel's Core i5 processor. It embodies Nvidia GeForce GT 640M graphics. The power of graphics combined with processor makes Edge stronger than ultraportables. High configuration games are always hungry for memory. Keeping this perspective in mind, Edge will have 64-256GB SSD and 4-8GB onboard memory. So this configuration is not only suitable for gaming, but also can be used for computational purposes. Edge is 10.1-inch wide featuring 1366 x 768-pixel resolution. If you want higher processor like Intel Core i7, then Razer Edge Pro is also made available as another option. Razer Edge Pro is powered by Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB RAM, 128/256GB SSD.
To enjoy gaming experience, Razer has come up with intriguing gaming accessories. Gamepad Controller is one of them. Gamepad Controller has two handle-like structures which can be mounted on sides of tablet. Each handle is provided with thumbstick and action button below it. This can be a big deal for PC gamers now. Razer has priced this gamepad controller for $249.

There is a dock that is made available with Edge which offers connectivity with other peripherals like TV or monitor. Also, dock has HDMI and USB ports. So you can enjoy simultaneous gaming.

There's a keyboard accessory that makes Edge hybrid device such that it can be used as 10 inch notebook.

In short, tablet cum accessories gives enhanced gaming experience.

Higher the graphics more is the power required. So keeping this in mind, Razer engineers has provided removable battery mechanism for gamepad controller and dock. Also, additional 40W battery is provided for $99. Speaking about battery life, Razer Edge lives well for 2 hours if used in tablet mode, sustains for 1 hour if used for extensive gaming and can be used for 2-4 hours of gaming if extra battery is used. With extra battery at tablet mode, Edge can live on for 8 hours. One can enjoy games with touch, and games with gamepad controller.

Now speaking about weight, just 2 pounds tablet is pretty comfortable to carry.

Edge's base configuration (Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD) costs US$999. You can avail Edge Pro by spending US$1299. By paying US$1499, you can avail gamepad controller also.

High speed processors, latest Windows OS and enhanced NVIDIA graphics make Edge worthy to buy. Razer Edge is dream come true for PC gamers. Gamers are excited about this pretty stuff, but it will be made available in Q1 of 2013. You can avail it online for Razer's own site too.

Author Bio:- Alisha Martin is a technical writer interested in writing about gadgets like laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets and smartphones. She is been writing for laptopjoy.com on reviews, news and updates about latest technology in digital market.

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