Tips for Keeping Your Smartphone Up to Speed and Free from Intrusion

By: Unknown, January 4, 2013
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Smartphones have become an indispensable part of modern life, but like any computer device, can get bogged down over time, reducing their usefulness. Also, as both corporations and individuals gain more confidence in using the devices for accessing sensitive sites, they are also becoming more vulnerable to malware and hacks. As a result, users have use greater care of with smartphones and take active precautions to make sure that they are not leaving their devices exposed and are not downloading anything which may destroy or corrupt their data.
Here are some tips to keep your smartphone performing as fast as the day you first bought it.

Use a PIN
Making use of the security features that are already incorporated into your phone is the first step. Setting a password or PIN to lock your phone from use by strangers is a simple procedure and can save a lot of heartache, including spying on personal communication, the installation of unwanted apps, or the theft of sensitive documents or photos.

Use Encryption
If your smartphone is able to make use of encryption, it always advised to make use of this feature as well. This option ensures that the data that is being sent and received wirelessly between your phone and other devices will be kept private, which is especially important if you use your phone for mobile banking or similar.

Use the Official App Stores
When downloading apps, always ensure that you are downloading them from the official app store appropriate for your device. This is one of the most common ways that you can protect yourself from viruses, as both Google and Apple vet the apps which make it to their stores. With few exceptions, these apps have already been tested for viruses and are proven to be safe.

Check Reviews
Its also important to take into consideration any reviews and opinions that have been posted by previous users of these apps. Although some apps may not contain viruses, they can hit you with a lot of spam and or take up space on your smart phones drive. Its a wise idea to ensure that you are only downloading the apps which have the higher ratings and are known for being produced by reliable companies or developers.

Check Permissions
Before you download an app, always pay attention to the list of features and functions that you are making this program available to use. In most cases, there wont be any features that you should be concerned about; however, some apps may ask for permission to access various types of personal information that is unnecessary. If it seems to you that something is not right with some of the permissions that are being requested, you should not download the app at all.

Install an Antivirus
One of the biggest problems with smartphones is that they do not come with antivirus software built in. As viruses are a major cause of slowdowns and errors with any operating system, whether it be used to run a phone, tablet or desktop PC, this should be addressed by every smartphone owner immediately after activating a device.
Keeping your phone up to speed requires a bit of due diligence and not assuming everything is taken care of by the manufacturer or carrier. Thankfully, by using some common sense and the tips above, you can keep your phone free of most problems.

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