Top 5 Productivity Apps for Blackberry

By: Unknown, January 16, 2013
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Owning a Blackberry and not using its best available apps is bĂȘtise. There may be some apps that you use off and on for fun, but that’s not it. Applications to increase productivity are must-to-have. Whether its about managing personal finances or keeping important records, these applications make it happen effortlessly. And the best thing to add, is that many such apps are available for free. A list of 5 best apps, which are free and made to enhance your productivity are discussed below.

Evernote is an award-winning, cross-platform note-taking application. The app is developed to perform tasks like creating to-do-list, taking voice notes, picture notes, text notes or a combination of all. You can use this application to take important notes in class or meeting and sync it with other notes. The best feature of Evernote is its cloud storage, which makes it available anywhere from any device by using internet. Even if you lose your Blackberry, your notes will be accessible online. Evernote is free and is available on Blackberry App World.
Blackberry Protect
Beside your phone, the data in it holds the position for “Most Valuable.” To safeguard this data, you have Blackberry Protect. It takes regular backups of your phone data and restores it in case you lose it or you are planning to change the device. In case you lose your device, Blackberry Protect helps you locate your device and delete important data remotely. You have several options to choose to take automatic backup at your preferred time (while sleeping or charging your phone). You can add additional level of security by applying password protection to lock crucial information available on your phone. You can get this app from Blackberry App World (The application is compatible with Blackberry 5 OS and higher).
Pageonce acts as your personal financial manager, which allows you to keep a track of incomes and spending all at one place. You can manage all your bank transactions, credit card statements and investment accounts in seconds. If you are worried about security, then this application adds a 256-bit data encryption to give you an assuring level of security. Pageonce also notifies you about due payments and account, which are over limit. Other offerings of this app are keeping transaction history, note of expenditure, keeping record of flight details. To get this app, visit Blackberry App World.
Dropbox is among the most useful cross-platform applications available to aid the trouble of carrying data without worrying about los or storage medium. Dropbox is an online cloud storage where you can dump your data and access it from anywhere through internet. It is in fact the best way of creating backup of important data and cloud storage lowers the risk of data loss to zero. Blackberry operating system has a deeper integration with Dropbox and because of this, you can directly share Dropbox links through email and save email attachments to Dropbox account. On startup, you can 2GB of free storage and extra 250MB on each recommendation. To get this app, visit Blackberry App World.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is one of the most versatile web browsers for mobile platform. The latest version of Opera Mini (version 7) is a must-have and brings a slew of new features along with a new home tab where you can list all your favorite websites, news updates and social network updates, that too without opening the website page. You can anchor bookmarks and sync them across different devices. Opera Mini also renders multiple-tab browsing. You do not even have to type www on the address bar. To get this app, visit Blackberry App World.
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  1. Are there any apps and Blackberry cases for the new BB phones coming otu this month. I am looking for them as I plan to buy the Nevada set

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    Nice list thanks for sharing... Would like to add Future Scheduler app (paid) for iPhone this helps you in scheduling text messages, emails, status update and phone calls. Check it out!!!
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