Download to Newsstand - Use Newsstand app as a downloads folder [Jailbreak]

By: Unknown, February 20, 2013
When you open up the app store it is really common that you just download a lot of apps, or perhaps you are updating apps you already have downloaded. When your iOS device- whether it's an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad- is downloading many apps things can get messy. You get a lot of downloaded apps scattered everywhere and you scroll between apps that you can use and others that are still being downloaded. If you don't like to have both downloaded apps and downloading apps together then a free tweak on Cydia is ready to help.

The tweak is called Download to Newsstand. It lets your Newsstand folder show all apps that are currently being downloaded to your iOS device. So the apps will not be visible on your home screen unless it has finished downloading.

There are two drawbacks with the app though. Firstly, as you can see in the picture above, the icons look pretty weird in the newsstand folder. But this is a really minor issue. The more major issue which is the reason I got rid of the tweak is that all apps are placed on the home screen as if they have just been downloaded. Let me make this clearer. Basically if you have an app in the third page of your home screen and you update the app, the app will be sent to the end of the second page as if you've just downloaded it.

So while this app removes the mess during the download phase, it creates another mess afterwards. The tweak was fine though and if the issue gets fixed then I'll download it. What do you think of the tweak?

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