Live Wallpapers on iPhone for Free [Jailbreak Tweak]

By: Unknown, March 7, 2013
Lots of people are still questioning why Apple has not made live wallpapers officially available for iOS devices yet. It is likely to be because Apple "want to keep things simple", but a live wallpapers isn't complicated at all. While we have the people questioning the live wallpaper issue, we also have people solving this issue. This is exactly what LivePapers does. It solves the issue.

LivePapers, as you have correctly guessed, brings live wallpapers to the iPhone. There are a few cool features about LivePapers that makes it really great though. They are based around consistency and battery life. Read on for more details on what this tweak does, and how to set it up. I also made a mini demonstration for you to watch.
To first get the tweak you'll need to download it from Cydia. Just search for LivePapers and you'll find it. It's free!

Once downloaded you can open the LivePapers app which will be added to your home screen. Scroll to the left and you'll find a live wallpaper with bubbles on it. Tick the "home" and "lock" buttons in the top left of the screen.

Tap the home button and there you go, you'll find an animated wallpaper on your iPhone. This tweak is also compatible with iPad. For a video of what the home screen wallpaper will look like with the live wallpaper watch the video below. (Please note that I have made the icons smaller using a separate tweak).

What really makes this tweak special is that the live wallpaper doesn't freeze and get stuck when you do things on your phone. When you open a folder the bubbles stop moving, but when you close the folder they'll continue from where they were. When you pull down the notification center or move the lock screen slider around for example, you'll see that the live wallpaper is still active.

To save battery life too, the live wallpaper pauses from moving after you being inactive from your phone for thirty seconds.

If you want to get the app for free search for LivePapers on Cydia. Leave comments if you have any questions. Please share this post with your friends so that they can have live wallpapers too, and if you haven't already, follow this blog's twitter account and like its page on facebook.

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