10 Things You Need To Know About GTA V

By: Unknown, May 23, 2013

There are 10 things you need to know about one of the most anticipated games of the year, GTA V.

1. High Expectations

My expectations for GTA V are very darn high. It's been a while since I played GTA IV simply because I've had enough of the game. Nevertheless, the game is certainly one of my favorite games, which is why I'm so excited for the next big game in the Grand Theft Auto series.

There is one solid reason for me to demand a big change in GTA V. It is because GTA IV was released back in 2008. Yes, it was released 5 years ago. Yet, playing it half a decade later it feels like a modern game. I am aware that there are a few more Grand Theft Auto games that have been released after GTA IV, but none of them has seen the huge change yet. In fact, we weren't expecting much from these games.

I am expecting Rockstar to release a game that I will feel ok playing years later from now. There are many games that perform similar functions to GTA IV and so the time to change is finally here.

2. Release Date

Rockstar announced on the 31st of January 2013 that they will be releasing GTA V for PS3 and Xbox on the 17th of September 2013.

3. The Map is Huge

The world of GTA V will be larger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, GTA San Andreas and GTA IV combined. As well as exploring maps horizontally you can also explore it vertically.

Users will be able to explore the ocean in details as well as enjoy skydiving. There'll be a lot of room for you!

4. Focus on Multiplayer

Rockstar will focus on improving multiplayer in GTA V. Personally, I played very little mutiplayer and I'm sure most of you are just the same. However, things will be different.

In 2012, Rockstar said that "refining open-world multiplayer into something really special" will be a huge focus for them in future games. The Social Club feature will help them achieve this target. Social Club will also connnect across multiple platforms and games. So crews made in Max Payne 3 can be found in GTA V too.

5. Main Characters

Unlike previous versions of Grand Theft Auto, this one will feature 3 main charcaters: Michael, Franklin & Trevor. You can switch between them freely whenever you want. The characters will all have different pros and cons so you should pick between the most suitable one for your situation. Watch the video below for an insight on what each character is like:

6. Police will improve

Although I spend most of my time on GTA IV playing police chases, just like most people, I find so many annoying downsides to the police chase, just like many people. For example, I don't like how I have to get out of a circle to escape a police chase!

Thankfully, with GTA V things are going to be different. Police will use line of sight, so you'll have to get out of their site and find a hiding spot in order to escape the police. This is a much more realistic approach.

7. Pedestrians will improve

Another problem with GTA IV is the reaction of pedestrians to situations. So if you shoot a pedestrian down, the rest will just run away, with only a few sometimes firing back. In GTA V things are a lot more realistic. Pedestrians will sometimes actually take their phone out and film you! Some others will find hiding spots, and others will call the police.

8. Money is Important

In GTA V, players will need money more than ever before. You'll have the ability to buy weapon attachments and vehicles while customizing everything to suit your needs. More interestingly, players can start to purchase building and businesses making the game much more interesting!

9. Collector's & Special Edition

The collector's edition and special edition will get some cool gadgets and posters with the game. And also, some in-game features will be included.

Special Edition

Collector's Edition

10. Pre-order Now!

You can pre-order the game right now by clicking here.

That's pretty much it for GTA V. Do you have any high expectations for it? Share it in the comments.

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