Apple Updates iOS App Store Download Animation

By: Unknown, July 10, 2013
When downloading apps from the App Store, most users are familiar with the little bar that fills up inside the icon. It has been this way for years unless you had a jailbroken iPhone. However, Apple has updated this animation in iOS 7 beta 3 and it looks much better. Below is an embedded Vine showing this new animation.

I really like this new animation. It looks a lot simpler and a lot better than the one in previous versions of iOS. If you would rather see the effect as a screenshot I have included one below.

iOS 7 beta 3 also brought forward a few more changes, mainly design changes. The Control Center now requires a confirmation swipe to avoid accidental swipes when in games and other apps. This is similar to the behavior of the Notification Center. In case you missed it, here are the top 10 changes in iOS 7.

Oh and the app that was being downloaded is an app I developed that is about to be on the App Store very soon. Click here to get notified when it's available!

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