Top 3 Flash Games to play on your computer this weekend

By: Unknown, December 13, 2013
Now that the weekend is here, it's time to have a bit of fun and quit working. To make sure you have a fun weekend I collected 3 of my favorite flash games and linked to them from this post alongside a mini review of each game. I hope you like them.

1- Football heads

Football heads is a great fun game to play. All you do is simply move around and kick the ball to attempt scoring it. The game also features power ups which add on to the overall experience of the game. In my opinion this game is best played in the 2 player mode, which allows 2 players to play against each other on the same computer. If you've got no one to play with, there's a single player mode which will surely pass some fun time too.

If you enjoy football heads then you can also play other sport heads games such as tennis and volleyball from the mousebreaker site.

2- Fireboy & Water Girl

Unlike football heads, this game can not be played in single player. The idea is very simple, if you're watergirl you should avoid fire and if you're fireboy you should avoid water. Collect as much diamonds as you can and get to your door. The game gets harder as you progress and some levels require team work or else they can not be completed, so make sure you play this game with a good gamer!

If you search the internet you can find different versions of the game and they tend to be harder than the original one, but I personally prefer the original.

3- Happy Wheels

I actually prefer the other two games over this one, but with no doubt Happy Wheels is plenty of fun too. The game is single player only, but it's still fun to play in turns with friends. Happy Wheels is about surviving and getting to the end of the level. Your may have no arms left, but that isn't a good enough excuse for the brave character in this game to quit his journey, he will continue until the last organ. Survival.

Happy Wheels gets even more fun when you play user-created games which have other objectives. Some game modes require you to kill all characters and then kill yourself too.

That's it for this weekend. Try out the games and share which one was your favorite as a comment. Is there any great flash game I didn't mention? Why not share it as a comment too?

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