10 things you need to know about the PS4

By: Marawan Alwaraki, February 23, 2013

When Sony held the event for the PS4 a few days earlier it started a lot of confusion on what they are actually announcing. Yes, they didn't show a console, announce the release date or the price; but there are things you need to know about the PS4. Whether or not you're a gamer, you'll certainly find this post useful to you. I'll talk about everything you need to know about the PS4, and although you might think there isn't much out there, there is.
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Download to Newsstand - Use Newsstand app as a downloads folder [Jailbreak]

By: Marawan Alwaraki, February 20, 2013
When you open up the app store it is really common that you just download a lot of apps, or perhaps you are updating apps you already have downloaded. When your iOS device- whether it's an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad- is downloading many apps things can get messy. You get a lot of downloaded apps scattered everywhere and you scroll between apps that you can use and others that are still being downloaded. If you don't like to have both downloaded apps and downloading apps together then a free tweak on Cydia is ready to help.

The tweak is called Download to Newsstand. It lets your Newsstand folder show all apps that are currently being downloaded to your iOS device. So the apps will not be visible on your home screen unless it has finished downloading.
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How to gift an iOS app

By: Marawan Alwaraki, February 11, 2013
So you want to surprise your friend with a good gift. Perhaps it's their birthday or something, you might want to gift them an app on iOS. You can send them a gift from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or computer and send them the app to any apple device. It is really easy to do so. Make sure you have a payment method though, you can't gift apps if all you have is an iTunes Gift Card.

Update: Your iOS device needs to run iOS 6 for this method. Thanks Vinamra!

Just follow the step by step guide below on how to gift apps.
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Run Cydia in the background

By: Marawan Alwaraki, February 9, 2013

After jailbreaking your iOS device you may have realized that Cydia does not run in the background. It may show up in the multitasking switcher, but it's not actually running in the background. When you launch Cydia you'll realize it loads up every single time. This is not the case with most apps nowadays which do in fact run in the background.

The reason Cydia doesn't do that is because Cydia takes up quite a bit of memory. This used to be an issue on older devices, and may still be. However, if you have a new iOS device then you may want to follow this tutorial so that you can background Cydia. The instructions are really simple.
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Fix unresponsive Notification Center on a jailbroken iPhone

By: Marawan Alwaraki, February 8, 2013
After jailbreaking your iPhone one of the first things you might have wanted to do is to customize your Notification Center. Unfortunately though, when you start tweaking your Notification Center you'll find that it will start becoming unresponsive and laggy. Especially when you are pulling down the Notification Center. The fix is really simple, but it's perhaps not what you were waiting to hear. Remove some of these customizations.
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How to jailbreak your iPhone on iOS 6 the right way

By: Marawan Alwaraki, February 4, 2013
The anticipated jailbreak for iOS 6 has just been released. While the actual jailbreaking process is usually safe and bug-free, things can always go wrong. And that's why I'm writing this article, not just how to jailbreak your iOS device, but also how to jailbreak it the right way.

The actual jailbreaking process should take roughly 5 minutes according to the team, however there are steps you should take before the jailbreak to ensure it will work properly and without bugs. The steps are explained by PlanetBeing, one of the big people behind the jailbreak, on Reddit. Read on for essential steps for the jailbreak.
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Edge EX- grab it while it's free!

By: Marawan Alwaraki, February 2, 2013
Today the deal of the day for AppGratis(an app that is similar to FreeAppADay) was called Edge EX. I decided to give the game a go and download it. But when I took a look at the screenshot I was predicting a minecraft like game and I was hoping that it wasn't. Thankful it wasn't, but also thankfully I downloaded it. I can safely guarantee that Edge EX will be my next addiction game, until someone beats my score in Temple Run 2 (10 million).
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