Share to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Foursquare at once using Postargram

By: Marwan Elwaraki, March 27, 2013
With the increase in numbers of social networks, it could take individuals and businesses a few extra unnecessary taps to share the same message on a few social networks. Fortunately there are apps to help you get rid of these taps by sharing to these social networks together simultaneously. Today I want to review with you an app called Postargram which helps solve this first world problem.

Postargram is a really simple app and easy to use, which is why I'm sharing it here. When you first launch the app it will take a while to set up, but after that the app is simple and gets the job done. Plus, the app has some additional features that make it superior to apps with a similar purpose. I'll cover all of this after the break.
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Follow 3 Simple Steps and own any smartphone to completely increase your productivity level

By: Marwan Elwaraki, March 25, 2013
We all want to be productive in our lives. Some want to simply do their work while others even want to become someone remembered in history. To do this, we need to get over procrastination and begin a new routine in our lives. Making a time table and hoping that this will help you do what you want to get done barely ever works, and all the methods on the internet are useless. Don't worry we've all been there, and I've been there. But for the last few weeks I have been testing and experimenting with some free apps and seeing which works best.

Although ironically I didn't blog for quite a long time, and blogging was on my list of things I really want to do, I now understand why I wasn't blogging recently and will explain it all in this post. What you're about to read could be your lifesaver.

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Most elegant Do Not Disturb toggle on lock screen for iPhone

By: Marwan Elwaraki, March 16, 2013
When it comes to Cydia tweaks on iPhone we get a wide variety of them. Some do their jobs better than others. And unfortunately, some do a really bad job in terms of both design and performance. Today's tweak is one of the "fortunately" tweaks. This one adds a handy Do Not Disturb toggle on your lock screen. Hold on this one's different!

I understand you've probably seen a million of these toggles on the Cydia store, but this one's just different. It's too good to miss out, and it's impossible for me to think of ways it can be improved. This is one of the tweaks that as they say "looks like something done by Apple".
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One thing Apple should do to double their iMessage users

By: Marwan Elwaraki, March 9, 2013
iMessage was released as one of the hit features in iOS 5. It got users at first, and the numbers are increasing day after day. Messages sent and received are increasing, number of active users are increasing, etc. But we all know that's not good enough for Apple. Can they really not have more users than what's app?

Of course they can! And it's not by going cross-platform, as that will go "against Apple's rules". So you might be wondering what that one thing is, the thing that can double -or even triple- the number of active users on iMessage.
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Live Wallpapers on iPhone for Free [Jailbreak Tweak]

By: Marwan Elwaraki, March 7, 2013
Lots of people are still questioning why Apple has not made live wallpapers officially available for iOS devices yet. It is likely to be because Apple "want to keep things simple", but a live wallpapers isn't complicated at all. While we have the people questioning the live wallpaper issue, we also have people solving this issue. This is exactly what LivePapers does. It solves the issue.

LivePapers, as you have correctly guessed, brings live wallpapers to the iPhone. There are a few cool features about LivePapers that makes it really great though. They are based around consistency and battery life. Read on for more details on what this tweak does, and how to set it up. I also made a mini demonstration for you to watch.
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Fit more icons on your iPhone home screen [Jailbreak Tweak]

By: Marwan Elwaraki, March 4, 2013
One thing I don't like to do on my iPhone is scrolling between pages to get to my apps. So I made folders on my iPhone to reduce the number of pages, but for someone with almost 200 apps I still had to constantly scroll between pages to find apps. I tried sticking to spotlight, but typing the name of the app every single time is too much. So I found this way on Cydia to fit more icons on your springboard and reduce the size of the icons for a great overall look. Now I only have 2 pages on my iPhone, and if you want to see how this is done then read on for a tutorial as well as a video I made to show you how to set it up!
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