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By: Unknown, March 8, 2014
Notes are useful as they help you jot a few ideas on the go before they disappear in your memory. The Notes app on iOS 7 is simple, clean and provides a distraction free experience to take down notes. However, it involves a few steps to use as you have to unlock your phone, open the Notes app and add a new note.

You can improve this experience by reducing the steps required to take notes. This will require a jailbroken iPhone and a Cydia tweak called NoteCreator.

This tweak takes advantage of Activator to allow you to add notes from effectively anywhere in your iPhone, even your lock screen.

All you need to do is assign an Activator action to the tweak. I use the slide to the right on the status bar function. So now, anytime I slide my status bar from left to right I get this clean window which I can quickly type notes into.

NoteCreator comes with a few options & settings which may be configured to suit your preferences. The settings don't dramatically influence the tweak, but they're just a few bonus customization options available.

NoteCreator is available for free in Cydia, so do check it out. Especially if you're a fan of taking notes.

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