How to See All Passwords Used in Safari for iPhone

By: Unknown, August 14, 2014
Safari on iPhone is fast, sexy and powerful. One of the features that make Safari powerful is it's ability to remember your passwords from sites across the web. Most internet users have grown used to the autofill option in browsers, but how many of you know that all your passwords are accessible from your iPhone to anyone who knows your phone's password?

Let's give it a shot. Follow through my step by step tutorial to view all passwords on your iPhone!

1- Open the Settings app

2- Scroll down and tap on Safari

3- Scroll down and tap on Passwords & Autofill

4- Tap on Saved Passwords

5- Type in your iPhone's passcode

6- A list of all websites you have logged into will be presented to you. Tap on any website

7- Your password is right there!

So there are two things to be learned from today's post. First one is to never give anyone your iPhone's password as it could lead them to knowing ALL passwords you ever used in Safari. Second one is to make use of this tip by trying it on your friend's iPhones..

With all seriousness though, I'm surprised Apple puts low level security on such an important part of the iPhone. It is common for people to share their iPhone's password and so this could put many people's online accounts at risk.

Stay safe, and keep your password a secret.

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