Pako Review- Fun Car Game for iPhone & iPad

By: Unknown, August 22, 2014
The App Store isn’t short of games at all. Yet sometimes people struggle in finding the right game to play on their iPhones. I spend a lot of time looking for fun games and I have found a great one: Pako.

Pako is a simple car game. The objective is to drive around and avoid crashing into anything as your car will blow up if you crash. To spice up the game, there are police cars chasing you around the area and you have to dodge them too as well as the traffic, buildings and lamp posts. One of the areas even has tanks which fire at you!

There are a total of four different areas you can play in. Each area has a different car and layout, so the game doesn’t get boring and repetitive. I do wish however that users can pick which car to play with.

The amount of time you survive is recorded and saved into Game Center. There are Game Center achievements if you survive long enough. Players will tend to feel the need to play another turn to beat the high score and so this game could pass a lot of time in a fun and challenging style.

The problem with Pako is how it’s so easy to crash without it being your fault at all. Cop cars can appear randomly and come crashing in you with no chance of escaping. If there’s a way to make it possible to survive this then Pako would be a lot more fair.

Below is a video of Pako's gameplay:

Pako is available in the App Store for $0.99. It’s a lot of fun and I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing it. The game is universal too so you can experience it on a larger screen.

-Download Pako for iPhone and iPad

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