3 Great Free Games To Play On Your iPhone or Android Phone This Weekend

By: Unknown, May 8, 2015
The weekend is here which means it's time to refresh the games on your phone. You can spend your weekend searching through the App Store's wilderness or check out the 3 games I've collected here for you. These are games I've been playing a lot last week so I guarantee they're fun. All three games are available for both iOS and Android for free and are in different categories.

1- Orbits - by Turbo Chilli

Jump from circle to circle with one tap. The game can be played with one hand and is fast paced. Collect diamonds, dodge spikes and complete levels. Despite being a one handed game it requires a lot of focus and thinking in order to complete the levels.

If you're after a beautiful game that you can play with one hand then you may want to try out Orbits. You can disable ads and skip levels with in-app purchases, but can play the full game for free.

Download on: iPhone/iPad, Android.

2- Does Not Commute - by Mediocre

Commute is a new game by the developers of Smash Hit. For those that don't know Smash Hit is an amazing game that smashed the App Store's top charts. Does Not Commute isn't different. The goal is to drive cars to the destination. You are the driver of every car and will have to start dodging your own car several times per stage.

As the developers put it in the game's description: "You have no one to blame but yourself".

Does Not Commute is addictive and you may find yourself playing it until the battery is too low warning pops up. The premium version allows you to restore from your checkpoints to avoid re playing the same stages over and over again. While it is possible to finish the whole game without upgrading premium, that is unlikely. Most players who find the game fun are likely to upgrade to premium.

Download on: iPhone/iPad, Android

3- Fun Run 2 - by Dirtybits

The first version of Fun Run has been on the App Store for years now. Dirtybits released Fun Run 2 with better graphics and a few other improvements a few months ago.

Fun Run is a multiplayer game. You can play cross platform with friends or with strangers. Your character auto runs, tap the button on the left to jump and the button on the right to use your power up. It's so simple but the game gets really really intense. Trust me.

Fun Run 1 and 2 are both available for free. Complete challenges and win races to earn coins which you can use to customize your character. You can throw some real money in there to get game coins if you really want to make your character stand out.

Download on: iPhone/iPad, Android.

I hope you enjoy the games above. I'm thinking of making this a weekly series where I'll share some games every weekend. Let me know what you think and have a great weekend.

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