By: Unknown, July 15, 2011

Which is better black ops or MW2?

1. Campaign
Black ops puts in a very interesting story with fun-to-play levels. On the other hand MW2 concentrated on gameplay rather than an interesting story

2. Weapons
Black ops decreased the power of weapons for example LMG's . For example , which weapon is stronger RPD or M60? Obviously RPD. The problem in black ops is that players had problems with quickscopers, LMG's, runner gunners. Furthermore, they had problems with shotguns being a secondary. So treyarch obeyed the player's wishes and removed power from LMG's , made quickscoping and running gunner harder, and made shotguns primary weapons.

3. Finding games
Black ops finds games quickly with good connection as you could choose local, local only or default. MW2's connection is bad and finds games in a very long time. But MW2 makes playing with friends easier while black ops regularly fails in connecting users with their friends.

4. Hackers

You might disagree with me but black ops stopped a very bad thing ,hackers and boosters. Now you could actually tell who is a pro and who is a noob. The reporting is very easy: you could report abuse players directly from the lobby . You can report boosters, hackers, offensive language and offensive emblems . This is something MW2 doesn't have.

5. Graphics
Most people agree black ops' graphics has something missing. I believe that black ops has a lack of colour and this is what is letting its graphics down.

6. Map packs

Black ops has lobbies for map packs while MW2 do not. This makes it better for users without map packs. Also, black ops' map packs included zombies as well as multiplayer while MW2 only offers multiplayer and not special ops too. 

7. Online gameplay
One thing makes me like black ops a lot. It's how u could play split screen online, combat training and If you are not connected to Internet split screen against bots. Obviously MW2 does not have that.

I think it would be great if MW3 had all the good features from both previous games.

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