Is Google taking over the world

By: Unknown, July 20, 2011

This seems quite weird but Google is taking over the world. Google was one of many search engines, but it somehow just rose up rapidly. To do this Google had to increase their features. Read on to know what Google did to reach its current state in taking over the internet.

1-Quick simple to use web search engine: I am not really sure if everyone agrees with me, but I personally find Google the fastest search engine and easiest to use. When I used to use internet explorer I found out that setting as the homepage was faster than any other website. But I quit internet explorer and moved on to another Google product…Google chrome.

2-Google Chrome: First of all, it is an achievement for a search engine to make its own web browser. and did not do that yet. Google chrome is not only a web browser but a very fast and user-friendly web browser. Its default homepage with shortcuts is fascinating and easy to use.

3-New search styles:  Google had made it easier to search the web with voice search and very powerful image search.

4-Google Docs: This is a step too far. Google had made their own documents application similar to Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is much better than Google Docs but the fact that Google made their own document application is great.

5-iPhone applications: Let me not say much. Search the App Store for Google and you will find more than 10 apps made by Google. That’s not it! Google made lots of web apps for iPhone.

6-Common features: Like Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc. Google provides voice and video chat online as well as emails. I like to use Gmail because it’s very easy to use, quick to login, and can be used to login on many websites such as Yahoo!, YouTube, etc.

7-Google+: Leaving the best for last. Google+ is made to knock Facebook out. I know that seems impossible but not for Google. I have already read reviews online from beta testers and they say that it’s much better than Facebook. But I am sure that even if Google+ is better than Facebook, Facebook will not be knocked out.

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