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By: Unknown, July 26, 2011
Youtube is one of the most commonly used websites and the most popular videos website. But it takes way too much effort to load up youtube to watch videos everytime, especially if you do not have an unlimited plan contract with your carrierand can only watch video in wi-fi. Cydia thankfully has two methods of downloading youtube videos directly from your iDevice.

Yourtube is found better for people who use the default youtube app a lot. I personally don't use the youtube app because it's slow on my iPhone 3G. But iPhone 4 users probably use it a lot since it's fast to use.
Yourtube doesn't add a new icon to your springboard, but instead modifies the default youtube app as you can see in the screenshots below. Yourtube is available in Cydia for $5. You can download Yourtube , Yourtube 2 or Yourtube HD. The HD edition is for iPad and Yourtube 2 is probably for newer iDevices.

Mxtube is a free alternative to Yourtube and I prefer more than Yourtube on my iPhone 3G because it works quicker. Mxtube adds a new icon to your springboard. It is easy to use. Unlike yourtube you can't save the downloaded videos to your ipod app. Mxtube is available for download from Cydia for free.

Which one do you prefer. Leave your reply in a comment.

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