Top 2 ways to organise iPhone icons

By: Unknown, September 3, 2011
   No one likes a messy iPhone. You will need to organise your icons to make them easier to use, especially if you have downloaded lots of apps. There are 2 ways I recommend you to use.
  • Folders are the easiest way to organise icons and make them easy to access. Apple introduced folders in iOS4.   So not everyone gets a chance to use official folders. But if you are on iOS 4 your best option is the official folders.
  • Categories is an alternative to iOS folders. Categories is a good alternative but requires quite a lot of time to get the folders to become the way you want it. Unlike iOS folders categories allows you to change the icon for each folder individually.
  • The last alternative to iOS folders i whited00r frimware. Whited00r gives your iPhone iOS like folders. Learn more about whited00r at
   2- Page names, unfolder, multiiconmover, sprintboard/overboard

   This is a bit harder to get going than the folders methods. Basicslly, page names lets you add page names on top of your pages; unfolders empties your folder quickly and easily; sprintboard lets you scroll between pages by using the circles above the dock and overboard lets you see all your pages and quickly switch between them.

What is your favourite way of organising your springboard. Leave a comment to let us know.

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