iOS 5 notification center (updated)

By: Unknown, October 21, 2011
        I am sure that I am not the only one left with a non-iOS 5 device. Unfortunately Apple didn't allow the iPhone 3G to upgrade to iOS 5. In this post I'll show you how to get the notification center without having to use winterboard!

      What you need:
-Lockinfo(available from Cydia $7.99)
-Mobilenotifier(available from '' in Cydia for FREE)
-Lock weather plugin for lockinfo (available from Cydia FREE)
      First of all let's start with the dashboard:
1-Download lockinfo
2-Download lock weather plugin for lockinfo
3-SSH into /library/lockinfo/plugins
4-Navigate to lockinfo ios5.theme-->bundles-->move images from each folder to the same folder in your iphone
5-Move the images in com.ashman.lockinfo to /library/lockinfo
6-Move the themes iOS5 InfoShade and iOS LockScreen to /library/lockinfo/themes
7-Respring your iphone
8-Launch up settings-->lockinfo-->Appearance-->Select default theme---> iOS5 InfoShade
9-now go to settings-->lockinfo-->lockscreen-->select theme--> iOS5 LockScreen
10-Go back to the lockscreen section
11-select appearance
12-Have your section headers to the full right but keep section cells and background to the full left as shown in the image below:
13-Now go to the infoshade section
14-click on select theme and select the iOS5 InfoShade
15-Go back to the infoshade section-->appearance
16-Make sure your section headers and background are to the right and the section cells are to the left as shown in the image below:
17-Go to settings-->lockinfo-->plugins-->plugin order and make it look like this:
18-Respring your iPhone and you're done with the dashboard!
If I missed anything out please tell me in a comment. Watch the video below for a step by step guide:

You would now like ypur notifications to appear like iOS 5.
1-Download mobilenotifier
2-Go to settings-->mobilenotifier
3-Make all the switches to off except the 'auto-later alerts' as shown in the image below:

That is it! You now have iOS 5 like notifications on iOS 4!
Did I miss anything out in the guide? Did it work for you? Leave a comment and let us know.

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