Lockdown- passcode lock certain apps on iPhone

By: Unknown, November 28, 2011
Update: Lockdown does not support iOS 4, 5 or 6. You will need to download Lockdown Lite or Lockdown Pro instead.

   Every now and then your friends ask you to use your iPhone. Ya, I know it's annoying and that's the reason you should download lockdown. Lockdown is a free tweak available in Cydia. The tweak simply adds an app to your homescreen where you can configure the settings.
   What makes lockdown special is that you choose what apps to lock. So for example, you can choose to only lock messages, facebook, whatsapp, etc.

   The tweak will ask for a passcode before you open any of the apps you locked. Obviously, lockdown will always require a passcode before launch unless you did not set one yet.

   Furthermore, the tweak lets you customize other settings as shown below:
   This is all I have got to say about lockdown, be sure to try it out. What do you think of it? leave a comment and let us know.

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