Use keyboard shortcuts for faster typing on iPhone

By: Unknown, December 9, 2011
A couple of days ago I wrote a post about customizing your keyboard on iPhone.   However I did not include keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts speed up typing and make it mush easier to type. Apple released keyboard shortcuts in iOS 5.

How can I add keyboard shortcuts?

Navigate to Setting-->General-->keyboard-->Add new shortcut...

Type the full phrase in the phrase section. Type the shortcut in the shortcut section. Tap save.

Now open up any typing app such as notes and type in your shortcut. I use keyboard shortcuts to type in my email for me so I don't have to type it in every single time.

Keyboard shortcuts could be extremely useful as they will speed up your typing dramatically if used properly. Think about your most used phrases and get into the habit of using shortcuts for them.

What do you think of keyboard shortcuts? What are your most used shortcuts? Share it in a comment below.


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